O-Train Down For Two Weeks


This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

OC Transpo’s O-Train Trillium Line service will be temporarily replaced by Route 107 bus service from Saturday, June 17 until Friday, June 30 in order to complete planned maintenance activities. This work is taking place during the summer, when ridership is lower, in order to minimize impact on transit customers.

Route 107 buses will travel parallel to the Trillium Line routing between Bayview and South Keys stations, with limited stops along the way.

In addition to Route 107, there may be other bus route options that work better for some customers. For schedules and travel planning assistance, visit octranspo.com or call 613-741-4390.


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4 thoughts on “O-Train Down For Two Weeks

  1. Why would you “plan” maintenance to take place on June 30th, the eve of Canada Day – particularly this year when there will be all kinds of tourists in town as well as locals wanting to get out and about? Couldn’t they have moved it up by a day or two?


    1. Don’t worry The Voter, all the bike lanes should cleaned off and ready to go. I think all the tourists are biking to Ottawa.


  2. Can hardly wait for “routine maintenance” on the new LRT line. Imagine having to wait for two weeks to get home from work. Oh foolish me. There will be buses to cover for the missing train.


    1. At the May 31st Transit Commission, Jeff Leiper put in the following inquiry. The answer should be interesting.
      Could OC Transpo staff please detail how they are or will develop the contingency plans for the temporary closure of each LRT station due to temporary emergencies (such as a two-hour police investigation)? Please provide details on such issues as:
      · How long it will take to activate a response after a station has been closed
      · How stations will be evacuated including passengers with mobility issues in the event of a power loss
      · Designated holding areas for passengers who must be interviewed before they are released
      · Alternate pick-up locations for waiting passengers travelling in each direction
      · Where police assistance in directing traffic will be required to maintain traffic flow on City streets
      · The process to mobilize staff to respond to the increased work-load (bus drivers, on-the-ground support to passengers, communications centre staff, etc.
      · The communication plan to notify impacted employers, passengers already on route and those planning to travel in the next few hours
      · How the organization has developed these contingency plans with other impacted City departments and organizations such as 311, Police, Traffic, and Emergency Preparedness”


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