OC Transpo Service Gets Massive Overhaul


This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Starting Sunday, December 25, OC Transpo’s winter service will come into effect. Many of the changes are part of the transition to the 2018 transit network and the launch in 2018 of the O-Train Confederation Line.

Seasonal schedule adjustments will also go into effect on December 25. Customers should visit octranspo.com and use the new travel planner to see if their normal trips are affected.

Getting ready for rail

Route renumbering and Connexion service:

  • New route numbers will be introduced throughout the network, including for express routes, which will be renamed Connexion routes and numbered in the 200s.
  • New Connexion routes will require regular fare only. Express fares will no longer be charged. Customers who normally purchase (or auto-renew) an Express pass must switch to a regular pass for January at prestocard.ca or in-person at an OC Transpo Customer Service Centre.
  • West-end Connexion routes will skip some Transitway stations in the afternoon homebound direction: most will bypass Westboro, Dominion, Lincoln Fields, Pinecrest, Queensway, and Iris stations. Customers should visitoctranspo.com to see if their route is affected.

New park and ride lot at Innovation Station

  • The park and ride lot at Innovation Station has more than 250 free parking spaces and direct service to and from downtown approximately every 15 minutes during the peak periods on new Routes 63 and 64.
  • A new transit service plan in Kanata North will be implemented to serve the new park and ride lot and to improve service for residents and businesses in the area.
  • Current Routes 60 and 93 will be replaced, and current Route 64 will be modified. Service will be provided by new all-day Routes 63 and 64.
  • New Connexion Route 264 will replace the southern part of current Route 64 for peak period service between Kanata Lakes, Terry Fox Station, and downtown.
  • Route 165 will be modified to serve Innovation Station and the Briarbrook community, east of March Road.
  • Current Route 181 will be changed to operate along Terry Fox, Legget, Solandt, Hines and Innovation Drive to Innovation Station, and will be renumbered as Route 166.

Route 5 split for improved reliability

  • Current Route 5 will be divided into two separate routes—Route 5 and 19—to reduce delays and to prepare for connections with the O-Train Confederation Line.
  • The new Route 5 will operate between Billings Bridge Station and the Rideau Centre via Main and Elgin.
  • The new Route 19 will operate between St-Laurent Station and Bank via Vanier and Sandy Hill.
  • Service frequencies and the hours of service will be unchanged.

Combination of Orléans express and local routes

  • Service will be revised where current express and local routes serve the same areas and stops.
  • Current Routes 30 and 130 will be combined into new all-day Route 30, operating between Millennium Station and Blair Station at all times, with service extended to downtown in the morning peak period and from downtown in the afternoon peak period.
  • Current Routes 20A and 120 will be combined into new all-day Route 33, operating between Avalon and Place d’Orléans Stations at all times, with service extended to downtown in the morning peak period and from downtown in the afternoon peak period.
  • Current Route 20B will be renumbered as Connexion Route 233.
  • Route 135 will not operate northbound in the morning or southbound in the afternoon because Connexion Route 235 will provide this service at a regular fare.

Other Service Adjustments

  • Eastbound trips from Kanata and Stittsville on Routes 63, 64, and Connexion routes will serve Bayshore Station at all times in the morning, to provide a consistent connection point for customers traveling to the federal Department of National Defence at Carling Campus on Moodie Drive.
  • The departure times of some Route 162 trips in the evening will be adjusted to better accommodate shift end times at Tanger Outlets.
  • Thursday Shopper Route 304 will be extended to serve Osgoode at the Osgoode Community Centre.

Reminder: Fare change New Year’s Day

New and simplified fares for OC Transpo customers go into effect January 1, 2017. Visit octranspo.com for more information on the upcoming fare system changes.

Real-time schedule information is available 24 hours a day, up to six days in advance, by calling 613-560-1000 or texting 560560 plus the four?digit bus stop number. For more details, travel planning assistance, and new timetables, customers should call OC Transpo at 613-741-4390 or visit octranspo.com.

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4 thoughts on “OC Transpo Service Gets Massive Overhaul

  1. So, here’s the thing. Fares have been “aligned” to better mirror Presto and cash fares. That is, you now get a full FIVE CENT (not percent) benefit by using a Presto card. Seems like they’re no longer encouraging its use. Right after they signed a new 10-year agreement. Curious.

  2. “New and simplified fares for OC Transpo customers go into effect …”
    What an interesting way of conveying that the price is going up for most people. The regular pass is going up $8.00 which will help pay for the decrease of $16.75 on the Express Pass which is being abolished and the routes renamed/renumbered.

  3. Fare cuts for the suburbs.

    Fare hikes for everyone else.

    Not very fair.

    When will central Ottawa neighbourhoods, the ones that will never have an LRT line, see transit improvements? Why are we subsidizing more and more suburban sprawl?


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