OC Transpo’s Greatest Hits



How much do you love public transit?

Hard to believe but songs out there praising the bus, the street car and even light rail.

The folks at Atlantic CityLab decided to put together a few of them.

Perhaps you can listen to some tunes on your phone while hover around Tunney’s Pasture and its bus rodeo:

This got the CityLab staff, whose devotion to public transportation is also formidable, thinking hard about other songs in praise of the oft-embattled mobility modes that keep the urban world rolling. From “Mystery Train” and “Folsom Prison Blues” to “Love Train” and “City of New Orleans,” songwriters have long been drawn to the rhythm of the rails. But streetcars, subways, and buses tend to get less musical love. Or so you’d think. Once we started coming up with transit tunes, we literally could not stop. (Especially after we reached out to people on Twitter for suggestions. Keep them coming!) Here are a few favorites, plus the ever-growing CityLab Spotify playlist of transit-oriented grooves.

To read the whole CityLab article and memorize the songs, click here.


Video above: Kemet The Phantom singing the praises of a whole bunch of things including a Kansas City streetcar line in the video Get Out (The Streetcar Song).

Videos below: The Bulldog’s favourite transit song, Downtown Train. The original by Tom Waits (top) and two covers by Rod Stewart and Bob Seger.


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4 thoughts on “OC Transpo’s Greatest Hits

  1. I have referred to your little stretch of LRT as a choo choo train.

    Please, we must add ” Chattanooga Choo Choo ” as performed by Glenn Miller. That song is actually playing in my head every time I read or post about your LRT.


  2. I would add M.T.A. by the Kingston Trio. Just change the initial’s to LRT.
    Each time the LRT is mentioned, I can see 1,000’s of Charlies on the LRT (Charlie is the man in the song stuck on the M.T.A.)

    Anne Marie

  3. I always think of ‘if you miss the train I’m on’ (500 miles by Peter, Paul and Mary).
    Noted last night on an online city print publication, a new ad titled ‘Get Ready for Rail’ and ‘How Often will it Come’, stating to begin in 2018 with no month given. Featured is 15 seconds of LRT sound. The sheer lunacy of the 15 seconds of sound leaves me almost speechless.

    1. I betcha yer gonna be left speechless a whole lot more between now and his lairdship’s photo-op opening this grand ole railroad.


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