Oh Come On: Whopper Watch



“Kudos to Jim Watson on topping the list of Canada’s most popular mayors. The city of Ottawa is lucky he decided to leave Queen’s Park in Toronto to return home to run for mayor. Let’s start a “Mayor for Life” campaign.”

Ken Parker of Ottawa in the Citizen’s letters page



I can agree with Mr. Parker that it is good that Watson left Queen’s Park.



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4 thoughts on “Oh Come On: Whopper Watch

  1. How long has this guy been working for Watson? What exactly were the criteria for “most popular mayor”? And who’s the competition?
    I know a fair number of people who would have difficulty describing him as “popular”, some of them right here.

  2. Okay, nobody has said it yet, so here I go again.

    I gotta steal a word from The White House Press Secretary though – Mr.Watson is the most popular mayor that Canada has ever had “PERIOD”.

    There you go, that PERIOD makes it a fact.

  3. Since it was a ‘letter to the editor’ printed in the Ottawa Citizen, is it any surprise?
    All about ‘eye of the beholder’ or …


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