Oh No … Phase 2 LRT Is Late: Patton



Bulldog commentator Mike Patton is looking a better today but still working beyond the call of duty.

Today Patton tells us that LRT Phase 2 is already late:



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2 thoughts on “Oh No … Phase 2 LRT Is Late: Patton

  1. Mike. Jim Watson is not a project manager. He is the mayor of Canada’s capital city and should be managing the city as a whole, not managing individual projects. Micro-managing projects in which he has no skills or training is a recipe for disaster. The key to his success is to “delegate and empower” but it appears he has a problem with empowering those with the skills to complete tasks effectively.


    1. Sisco:

      The rot goes deeper than just the mayor.

      Look at the LRT and planning in this community.

      Do you want to delegate to them?

      We need an exciting, innovative public service for city hall.

      Get the broom.




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