OK Jan Harder, Explain These Maps


If anyone understands these maps in the high-rise and zoning report, you’re a better person than your agent.

Apparently, they concern zoning.


Zoning is very fundamental to city planning. Here it is (maybe?) in all its glory.

If that’s what it is about.

Maybe council genius and planning committee chairwoman Jan Harder could explain it?

After all by her own admission, she is so much smarter than the rest of we mere mortals.


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2 thoughts on “OK Jan Harder, Explain These Maps

  1. Well, Ken, the first map has a triple-X rating which means maybe we shouldn’t be looking at it … or maybe they put that on so more people would want to look at it to see what’s so racy about it. The second one has had a Y chromosome introduced for some reason. (If you didn’t follow that, read the first line under each map – one is Schedule XXX, the other XXY.)

    The two maps are the inverse of each other, i.e. one is gray where the other is white. I think that’s to illustrate that, in one area, developers can use the new high rise deal to build whatever, wherever and however they wish while the other map shows the areas where the developers will have to go through a short approval process. This approval process allows time for the Planning Department to create site-specific reports detailing why and how existing zoning bylaws and Community Plans should be bypassed or just ignored. That in turn creates work for the Planning Department which might otherwise be unnecessary and could potentially be wound down.
    I’ve just noticed that it’s called an “approval process”. Why isn’t it a “consideration process” which might lead to a proposal being approved but leave the opposite result till open?

  2. No need for those who vote at council to understand. Just follow what “planning” has decided, or rather what the developers with concierge service have decided. Ignore public input and vote in favour of the development industry, many of whom do not even live in Ottawa.


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