Ottawa Ball Diamonds Open Monday


This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

City of Ottawa ball diamonds will be officially open as of Monday May 15 for baseball and softball groups only. For other sports groups that need access to ball diamonds or sports fields, the diamonds and fields will be open as of May 22, weather permitting.

Since conditions may vary from one area of the city to another, sports organizations are encouraged to use discretion when deciding to use a ball diamond that may be saturated. All contract holders that choose to use a ball diamond need to understand the following conditions.

  • Before ball diamonds are used, they need to be fully inspected by the user
  • If standing water is visible on the ball diamond, please contact the City’s Central Allocations at 613-580-2595,, and do not use the ball diamond.
  • All unreasonable damage reported by City staff will be charged back to the contract holder
  • Ball diamonds will not be maintained to usual city standards since large equipment cannot be used at this time

The City of Ottawa would like to thank Ottawa residents for their help in preserving the quality of our sports fields.


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One thought on “Ottawa Ball Diamonds Open Monday

  1. Why is money being wasted on press releases that cover common sense issues. Is this yet again a lack of confidence in the intelligence of Ottawa voters?


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