Ottawa Critic Neil Best Is Bored With Life


Best (really … that’s his name)

Newsday’s Neil Best really needs to get out a bit.

Now we know this is difficult in one of the world’s most interesting cities. No doubt about it, New York has pleasures (and problems) that occur few places else.

New York says it is capital of the world. Ottawa just has to make do with being capital of Canada. Sorry.

But Best has a bad on for Ottawa … his loss. Here is Neil at his best:

Even Canadians are bored by (Ottawa), a city selected to be the capital largely because it was in a non-descript area between Toronto and Montreal over which neither metropolis could muster the energy to be jealous.

Anyway, try we must, because Ottawa is all we have for the Rangers in between the Canadiens and a potentially juicy showdown against either the Capitals or Penguins in the Eastern Conference final next month.

No one is saying that New York isn’t an interesting place, Neil. We’re just saying that Ottawa is smart, beautiful and nice.

Given all the attractions in Ottawa, if you are bored with Ottawa, you’re bored with life. And if Toronto and Montreal don’t like Ottawa, it’s probably because they are as myopic as New Yorkers.

To make the case for Ottawa (as though it really needs to be made) we give you an Ottawa Tourism video.

Take notes Neil. Pay a visit. You might learn something.



Yes Neil we hope to see you soon. Here’s Neil’s best column from Newsday. Just click here.


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4 thoughts on “Ottawa Critic Neil Best Is Bored With Life

  1. This guy comes from a place that was purchased by his predecessors for $24 worth of beads from a tribe of Indians who didn’t own all of what they were selling. And, at that, they overpaid.
    He has to share his 3.4 sq km Central Park with how many million people while a million or so of us have 361 sq. km. of Gatineau Park?
    The homicide rate in his city per 100,000 population is twice what ours is and apparently that’s almost a record low for them.
    And, yes, this may be hitting below the belt but they are the city that produced and is home to Donald Trump. Sorry – I looked around in the bottom of the barrel and can’t think of any Ottawan who even comes close.

  2. New Yorkers, Ottawans, Torontonians – – you big city types don’t no nuttin’ about living. Come to gawd’s country.

    Back to hockey. Your team got winded playing in New York due to poor air quality. The poor guys couldn’t catch their breath or a break.

    Ain’t over yet and I’m rootin’ for Ottawa.


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