Ottawa Is Just Too Crowded

Media personality and Facebook friend Laura Mainella speaks to intensification in Ottawa:



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2 thoughts on “Ottawa Is Just Too Crowded

  1. Have you been to Mexico City, Hong Kong or Delhi? Now that’s crowded and we’re not there quite yet.
    The issue isn’t the people, vehicles and buildings – it’s the lack of sound planning and, where there are plans, the lack of adherence to the plans. When a developer approaches the city’s planning department, they show them the Official Plan and then say to let them know what it is the developer wants and it’ll all be worked out. Transportation management means make a plan, then think up a different idea and go with that one. If you can rope someone else into paying for the new idea, so much the better since it will cost more and provide less than the original.


  2. Developers rule. City planners? Cringe. We’ll keep expanding because it benefits a very small segment of the population. Those with dollars and clout. Same old story.


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