Ottawa River Park Concept Approved

nccThis is a release from the National Capital Commission:

Today, the National Capital Commission (NCC) Board of Directors approved the concept plan, and the distribution of civil and landscaping works attributed to the City’s light rail (LRT) project, in the 2.4-kilometre segment of the Sir John A. Macdonald Riverfront Park, between Westboro Beach and Woodroffe Avenue.

In compensation for the use of NCC lands for the LRT project, the City of Ottawa has committed $30 million to the NCC for works that will advance the development of this segment of the park.

Based on extensive public consultations and staff analyses, the proposed concept for the area includes
the Westboro Beach/Atlantis and Rochester Field demonstration plans, realignment and segregation of pathways, and a revegetation strategy.

Highlights of the concept plan

  • Creation of more shoreline park space
  • Animation opportunities at Rochester Field and Atlantis/Westboro Beach
  • Improved recreational opportunities along the river’s shoreline
  • Public amenities at key points (i.e., public washroom facilities, water fountains, seating and lookouts, bicycle parking, food and beverage services)
  • New and enhanced river views
  • Enhanced connectivity between the river’s shoreline and communities
  • Safer cycling and walking paths through rational segregation where possible, with optimal segregation in conjunction with the existing four-lane parkway configuration
  • Three new pedestrian and cyclist crossings:

–         One new at-grade pedestrian and cyclist crossing of the parkway at Rochester Field to reduce traffic speeds and allow safer public access to the river shoreline,

–         Two new pedestrian and cyclist crossings of the parkway at Dominion and Cleary stations, provided by the City of Ottawa as part of the WLRT project, to improve and increase public access to the river.

Quick facts

Reimagining the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway corridor as a signature riverfront park is one of the NCC’s corporate priorities.

The innovative solution, achieved in collaboration with the City of Ottawa, to bury the Western LRT under a reconstructed and realigned parkway, advances the riverfront park project in by creating 38 percent more parkland along the shoreline, increasing access to the river, and protecting mature forest cover.

The new Sir John A. Macdonald Riverfront Park focuses on 9 kilometres of parkland along the Ottawa River, from west of LeBreton Flats to Mud Lake.

Public consultation is an important part of the planning process.  Comments from the public during consultations held in May 2014, May 2015 and March 2016 are reflected in the overall Riverfront Park plan, including the concept approved today for the 2.4-kilometre segment of the park.

Also consistent with comments received from the public, the concept incorporates the four-lane configuration of the parkway.

While reduction of traffic lanes is not envisaged at this time, any future decision regarding the future configuration of the Parkway will have to follow the full completion and functioning of the western light rail project in 2023, widening of Highway 417, as well as detailed traffic and intersection studies in collaboration with the City.


Public Consultation Report: Sir John A. Macdonald Riverfront Park (2016)  

Consultation Report: Planning workshop: Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway Riverfront Linear Park Plan, Phase 2 (2015)

Consultation Report: Planning Workshop: Linear Park Along the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway (2014)

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