Ottawa Senators: Do What’s Best For The City, Your Worship



“Those who antagonize Melnyk at every opportunity and want him out should be careful what they wish for. They may come to regret it.”

The Citizen’s Mohammed Adam


Right on, Mohammed.

My former colleague and city hall denizen knows what’s up with this. Politics.

Most thinking people understand that Ottawa is better with the Senators than without them.

Except for Mayor Jim Watson. He wants to cause trouble for the team.

It’s not hard to discover why Watson speaks as he does. He has a massive conflict of interest with his so-called partnership with Ottawa Sports and Entertainment and he just plainly doesn’t like Melnyk.

A leader rises above his petty biases and does what is best for his community. Having the Senators here is best for the community.

Get on the train, Your Worship. Your current position runs contrary to the best interests of the community.


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6 thoughts on “Ottawa Senators: Do What’s Best For The City, Your Worship

  1. Is there not some way to recuse Mayor Jim Watson from these proceedings or just plain force him out for his conflict of interest? Must be some legal way for Ottawans to at least muzzle the “tweeter”.


  2. Maybe it’s time for the pro-Sens/pro-Melnyk people to get together and buy a few billboards of their own. More to the point, they should be asking questions to Watson about what exactly he’s doing. If he got an earful every time he stepped up with his scissors to open the bazaar or attended a community event, he might understand that his position isn’t supported in the community.


  3. If anyone is playing politics about LeBreton Flats it’s Melnyk.
    And if that’s actually what’s happening I actually don’t think he’s playing the game against Watson.
    If he’s playing politics with LeBreton Flats then he’s either playing against the federal government, to have them relax the rules that typically prevents the government from buying tickets (this is based on his comment that it may be better the Sens stay in Kanata where the tech sector is based), or perhaps against his own partners in the project who are proposing condos on lands nearby such as the 65 story tower being proposed for Bayview at Albert (based on his recent worries about Ottawa’s condo market). Watson?
    All he’s done is ask the same question that the rest of us are asking, which is how serious is Melnyk really about LeBreton Flats? It’s a fair question because it’s in response to Melnyk’s comments, so if Melnyk doesn’t like the question then it’s him that needs the muzzle.


    1. Sorry Duke but I think you’re dead wrong.

      Everything was going swimmingly until Watson stuck his nose in it. The NCC still says it’s going swimmingly.

      Face the facts:

      Watson doesn’t like Melnyk;

      The city is partners with Melnyk’s chief competition and a group of the old boys club that has showered favours Watson;

      Watson has an election coming … or not;

      Watson hates the NCC and has spent a career slamming it;

      Watson and Kanellakos have sole negotiating power on this deal. Which means Watson has the last word and you know what that will be.

      I’ve been saying from the very beginning that Watson was going to toss a stick in Watson’s spokes and now he has.

      Watson has a petty mean streak which is on display here is its full glory.

      You wait. Watson will kill the arena before this is over.




    2. Mr. Melnyk appears to be negotiating in a public forum, likely with the objective of extracting more favourable terms from the NCC.

      Mayor Jim Watson, with his frequent public musings, continues to display more about his character than is prudent for a seasoned politician. He is merely using his public profile to pander for the votes of those who are against the use of public funds to support professional sports team. His hypocrisy on the topic has been discussed at length on The Bulldog and thus I see no need to repeat the many elements thereof.

      To be absolutely clear, if a public company was in the type of conflict of interest that the city willfully put itself in, the independent directors would instruct management to seek a way of extricating the company from that conflict of interest. Whilst that was underway, the independent directors would instruct the chairman to recuse himself from the discussions, or resign. This is not a public company. It is merely a public government, and no such standard appears to be applicable … and that is the saddest part of this silly situation.


      1. Watson has already started a war and the project hasn’t even come to the city’s desk.

        He’s grandstanding and protecting the interests of Lansdowne, not the well-being of the taxpayer.

        The mayor shouldn’t be playing footsie with his Lansdowne “partners” and he should be doing what is best for we taxpayers. Not himself.




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