Ottawa Senators Get Closer To Moving

Think of a reason why Ottawa Senators star Erik Karlsson would like to stay in Ottawa.

His mentor former Sens captain Daniel Alfredsson has left the team twice … first as a player and second as a part of management. What will Alfredsson’s advice be to Karlsson? It’s obvious.

Add to that the cyberbullying Karlsson’s wife has taken. Horrible memories there.

And the team stinks. It is divided and demoralized and about to be dismantled. The Senators’ future in Ottawa is in doubt with the financial situation surrounding owner Eugene Melnyk a topic of intense speculation. So if Karlsson wants to win (and the time for a player to capture the Stanley Cup in very short), that will not happen anytime soon in the nation’s capital.


You’ve seen the last of Erik Karlsson in a Senators uniform.


As for the Senators, well, the team management is not stupid. The club will make a market offer to Karlsson but not with much conviction. Rather, it will be to placate the fans. Big market teams want Karlsson and are stupid enough to pay $12 million a year for a player that might not ever be able to recover from his extensive and repeated leg injuries.

The Senators traded forward Mike Hoffman as quickly as possible for a bag of Danish pucks to try to put some horrible public relations behind them, get some fans in the building next year and take a problem out of the locker room. But the team on the ice is weaker without Hoffman, leaving the abuse allegations aside.

The Senators under Melnyk have provided some wonderful entertainment but this team is done.

The question is, are the Senators done in Ottawa?

The team will lose its star player, the fans are unhappy, what little business there is in town is unenthusiastic and the mayor would rather see his Lansdowne “partners” succeed than Melnyk.

How long is Melnyk prepared to put up with this garbage seeing that he is probably losing $10 million a year on the team?

The big question is not Hoffman nor Karlsson nor rebuilding, but if the team can possibly remain in this city much longer.


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3 thoughts on “Ottawa Senators Get Closer To Moving

  1. As long as the LeBreton project doesn’t fall apart the Sens are staying in Ottawa, that’s the anchor.
    The question is has Melnyk gotten in over his head on LeBreton? Or can he close the deal? That aside, Sens GM Pierre Dorion got played yesterday – badly. The deal the Panthers offered the Sharks for Hoffman was much better than the deal Dorion accepted from the Sharks – and Panthers GM Tallon did go on record yesterday saying that he made Dorion an offer that was declined.
    If the Sens are going full rebuild, then they need draft picks and prospects, not Mikkel Boedker and an AHL defenceman. The scary thing is some respected insiders are suggesting Dorion may have been instructed to not deal within the division, and if that’s true then there’s only one man Dorion answers to.


    1. The Duke:

      I understand your concern but it looks to me like the fans, the business community and most certainly the mayor have quit on this team.

      A LeBreton arena might keep the team here for awhile because of its novelty, but Ottawa is bailing on this team.

      As ever in a city that gets so many things for free, Ottawans aren’t interested in paying big money to see the only real professional team in the city.




    2. The lack of experience in the hockey operations is really starting to show, the whole Karlsson/Hoffman disaster was kept quiet for a long time.

      And this don’t trade within your division has got to be the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Not long ago the NHL only had six teams and many trades were made during that time and all those teams survived.


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