Ottawa Shootings: ‘I Fear For My Family’

This is an email sent to The Bulldog from frequent contributor Kosmo:


I am very concerned about the safety of my family in Ottawa these days.
Ottawa has seen many shooting for more than two years and all we’ve been hearing from the police and city councillors is they are isolated and targeted cases and we have nothing to worry about.

Arrests are not being made because the witnesses are not cooperating with police and our brilliant deputy mayor has also stated if we don’t associate with these people, we have nothing to fear.

Well by enabling them, by not taking these shootings seriously, they are now not just isolated shootings in Ottawa … they are another murder in Ottawa. I think it’s time to worry for our family’s safety in this once great city. You think someone at city hall can let the citizens of Ottawa know what’s going on and if there is a plan to stop this string of murders in Ottawa?


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