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The Citizen’s Kenny “Scooter” Warren is writing The Bulldog this morning. I haven’t seen Kenny in years but read his great writing on the Ottawa Senators daily. Hope all is well. Your work is terrific.

Video above: Does anyone know where this is?

Kenny in his column on Tuesday wrote about a Newsday blowhard who took offence at the New York Rangers having to play the lowly Ottawa Senators. Hey, wait a second … who’s winning this series?

Here is the Newsday column:

… once the Senators filibustered the Bruins out of the postseason in overtime on Sunday, we were deprived of a second-round, Original Six, old-school battle between New York and Boston and left with . . . Ottawa.


Even Canadians are bored by it, a city selected to be the capital largely because it was in a non-descript area between Toronto and Montreal over which neither metropolis could muster the energy to be jealous.

Anyway, try we must, because Ottawa is all we have for the Rangers in between the Canadiens and a potentially juicy showdown against either the Capitals or Penguins in the Eastern Conference final next month.

So back to 1930, and 2012.

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5 thoughts on “Ottawa: Start Spreading The News

  1. Interesting that the video of New York is by Aaron Butler who’s an Aussie. They don’t have any film-makers in New York any more?

  2. “Does anyone know where this is?”

    Dear Ken,
    It is merely an architectural rendering of a newly proposed condo for Spencer Street. Like the Chateau, it’s growing on me.

    1. Chaz:

      It has been raining here so much that I have mold growing on me.

      That said, it is much more architecturally pleasing than the Chateau addition that is growing on you.



      1. Ken,
        Talking about design. I like the new look of your banner for Canadian, etc. and the index is neato too.



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