Ottawa To Get 20 More Red-Light Cameras

The City of Ottawa plans to set up 20 more red-light cameras in town raising the total to 54.

For all the details, see the document below:

Red Light Camera Site Selection



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2 thoughts on “Ottawa To Get 20 More Red-Light Cameras

  1. Where are the before-and-after statistics to show that the installation of the existing cameras has made a significant difference in the collision rates at those intersections?
    They say they are to reduce the collisions at the worst intersections but the standard is three per year. Is that a lot – I’m asking because I don’t know? Obviously zero would be the goal but what is the cost of installing and operating a camera in comparison to the cost of three incidents a year? Without knowing the reduction of incidents post-camera, it’s difficult to evaluate.
    It would also be useful to know the volume of traffic going through the intersection, i.e. three out of how many cars in a year are involved in a collision.
    Are there design issues at these intersections that make them more prone to collisions or is it solely due to red light runners? If I’m driving along a street with five signalized intersections, why am I only running the red at one?


  2. Cameras have more to do with income generation than with increased safety. The installation of cameras in public places also makes some people drool just thinking about how they could be used.


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