Ottawa Tops Montreal As Baseball Town

After all the noise about Ottawa baseball this week, the Star’s blogger Richard Griffin (probably the best source on the Toronto Blue Jays) says Ottawa is way ahead of Montreal on baseball.

Wasn’t always that way, you know. I miss the Expos:

With all the talk about baseball returning to Montreal, there has never been a potential owner step up and declare himself with real money ready to pursue a Double-A or Triple-A franchise. Plus, unlike Ottawa, the city government has never stepped up to back the project. Montreal, if it was to be a minor-league team, would need a stadium with a good location. They could not play at Olympic Stadium. Ottawa is ahead of Montreal in that regard too. The Cromartie group was looking for a major-league franchise which at this point is not going to happen. I would love to see baseball return to Montreal and Ottawa and Calgary and Edmonton.

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1 Comment

  1. James O'Grady

    March 3, 2013 at 8:35 AM

    I miss the Expos as well. 20 years of time spent watching and listening to every game and then when we got close to winning, MLB pulled the rug out in 1994.

    Two Canadian teams winning the World Series three years in a row. They couldn’t stand the thought! I don’t follow MLB any more as a result of what transpired in Montreal.

    I wish Cromartie success and hope that he doesn’t give up despite the long odds.

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