Ottawa-Vanier: The Bulldog’s Pick (4)

ballotThe NDP’s Claude Bisson is a perfectly good candidate. No doubt he would be a good representative for Ottawa-Vanier.

Bisson is an everyman and is close to the people and the community. He had a bad gaffe in one of the debates but those things happen now and then.

If you are unhappy with Kathleen Wynne’s government (her numbers are not good now) and don’t like the Tories, Bisson is a good protest vote. That said, he will be in opposition so don’t expect a lot of new things in Ottawa-Vanier from him.

And while Bisson is a good candidate, he’s running with the big dogs now. His opponents are star candidates.

Andre Marin, the former Ontario ombudsman, is a fighter and most certainly would be a strong voice for Ottawa-Vanier. He would be speaking loud at Queen’s Park as a member of the Opposition.

Like Bisson, Marin can promise things but can’t deliver when the Tories are not in power.

Marin would normally be The Bulldog’s pick in this riding, but he has just one problem. The Liberal’s Nathalie Des Rosiers is too good.

Des Rosiers has an academic and career record that puts to shame those of the prime minister of Canada and the president of the United States.

She could be the next great star in the Liberal party or, if she can’t find the human touch, just another Liberal representing Ottawa-Vanier. Des Rosiers has concerns about low-income people but low-income people have been poor through many Liberal years and are likely to be still poor when the next MPP for Ottawa-Vanier is finished. Social problems are not easy to solve and it’s unlikely Des Rosier will remedy them. After all no one else representing the riding has eliminated poverty in Vanier.

Des Rosiers says she wants to help the people of Lowertown with their truck-congestion problem. However her predecessor Madeleine Meilleur, a former Liberal cabinet minister, fought hard against a Kettle Island bridge as did Mayor Jim Watson. Meilleur and Watson succumbed to the tough lobby from Rockcliffe and Manor Park against a perfectly good bridge (and solution to the Lowertown truck problem).

So Des Rosiers is saddled with the Liberal bungling on the Kettle Island bridge and might be sweet-talked by Watson to support his wildly expensive and ineffective truck-tunnel pipedream.

That said, Des Rosiers, if she plays her cards right, could have a brilliant political career. She certainly has the smarts for it. But smarts and electoral success don’t necessarily go together. Des Rosiers has a spectacular CV but if people won’t vote for her, she has nothing in politics. It’s a cruel game.

Voters concerned about the record of the Wynne government at Queen’s Park should opt for Marin or Bisson.

However The Bulldog supports Des Rosiers and hopes she will be as effective a MPP as she was an academic.



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4 thoughts on “Ottawa-Vanier: The Bulldog’s Pick (4)

  1. Her work with the C.C.L.A. would put her at the top of my picks.

    Her voice with regard to the G20 debacle alone shows she’s a person of legal skill and human conscience.


  2. What? No support for John Turmel? It will give him a chance, though, to solidify his Guinness world record as most-defeated candidate.

    I don’t see Jim having much success trying to sweet-talk or strong-arm Mme Des Rosiers. He may well meet his match with her. Looking at her human rights work, I think she has what it will take to make a difference for Vanier. She certainly understands the issues. She will also be strong enough at Queen’s Park that she can’t be ignored.


    1. Steve:

      Sorry not this time.

      When you do these things as I did on the Citizen editorial board, you have to make decisions on whether people get reviewed on the basis of the fact that they don’t have a chance.

      I know you’re having fun here, but I had to make a serious decision on the Green Party candidate and chose to omit that candidate.

      You only have so much time for these things.




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