Ottawans Don’t Really Care About Toronto: Whopper Watch



“If Westboro is the best neighbourhood in Ottawa, then 1451 Wellington is its crown jewel – and construction on the boutique condo, a Mizrahi Developments project, is closer than ever to breaking ground.”

Mizrahi Developments sponsored content in the Ottawa Business Journal


Just to clarify this for out friends from Toronto, Westboro is not the best neighbourhood in Ottawa.

Sam Mizrahi really should get out to Rockcliffe to visit Ottawa’s best neighbourhood. It’s kind of embarrassing hearing people from out of town making groaner mistakes when talking about the nation’s capital.

In fact, Westboro was much nicer 15 years ago when dust and noise from construction didn’t fill the air, when traditional businesses could afford to operate there when rental rates were lower and when the neighbourhood had character. When shop owners had a few wrinkles of experience and good stories instead of pre-occupied youngsters who look like they would rather be somewhere else.

Traffic is horrible because the neighbourhood is intensifying without the benefit of real mass transit. In fact, one of the worst locations for traffic is at Island Park Drive, Wellington Street and Richmond Road, right beside the Mizrahi development. Traffic there lines up forever waiting to get across the Champlain Bridge to Quebec.

Don’t worry Sam Mizrahi, it’s not a secret this traffic. Everybody in Ottawa knows it. Listen to the radio traffic reports where “traffic is backed up getting on the Champlain Bridge”.

Furthermore, hearing that his luxury development is breaking ground in Ottawa is rather patronizing to Ottawans. Nothing like someone from Toronto telling Ottawans how far we are behind Toronto. Toronto and Ottawa are kind of a messy mix at the best of times. Go to a Leafs-Senators game.

You see, Ottawans don’t really care about Toronto. They don’t yearn to live there. In fact 65-storey monstrosities aside, Ottawans actually prefer living in Ottawa. The nation’s capital has been kind of right-sized with interesting national institutions, lovely parkland, scenic views (65-storey monstrosities aside) that you usually don’t get with such communities. So far, even the politicians haven’t been able to screw it up, but planning committee chairwoman Jan Harder and her buddy Mayor Jim Watson are well on the way.

Furthermore in Ottawa, unlike Toronto, you can still afford to buy a single-family dwelling.

And one other thing. The Mizrahi building is not in Westboro. It’s in Wellington West.

People from Toronto …


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6 thoughts on “Ottawans Don’t Really Care About Toronto: Whopper Watch

  1. Perhaps he meant to say that Westboro is the best neighbourhood in Ottawa that allows for mid-to-hi rise construction. This building would never be allowed to be built in Rockcliffe since it is a strictly a residential neighbourhood.

    1. Andrew, the lack of any plans to add meaningful intensification to Rockcliffe is not just because it is “strictly a residential neighbourhood”. Politicians are known to avoid disturbing those who swing considerable fund-raising clout.

      1. Ron:

        Yes. Look how long it took to kill the very necessary Kettle Island bridge.

        Local pols couldn’t stop it fast enough and they did. Wonder how those folks downtown are enjoying dangerous good winding through the core.



        1. One of Brian Mulroney’s many off the cuff remarks continues to resonate, close to three decades later after he left the PM’s office.

          While he was talking about his focus on Quebec when he quipped “You dance with the lady what brung ya”, it most certainly applies to our local politicians and their willingness to do whatever it takes to continue to feed at the fundraising trough.

  2. I think when they say “breaking ground”, they are referring to the start of actual construction when they will take a shovel (or backhoe) and dig a hole, i.e. literally breaking the ground. It doesn’t refer to any comparison with Toronto.

    I guess Mizrahi wasn’t paying attention in school when the teacher explained the concept of “if …, then …” or he would have avoided putting forward that statement. When you say “If X, then Y” and ‘X’ is shown not to be fact, the result is that ‘Y’ cannot be assumed to be true. So since, as you point out, it’s not true that Westboro isn’t the best neighbourhood in the city, then, according to him, Mizrahi’s building isn’t the crown jewel of anything.

    You do have to wonder why, if he’s so enamoured with Westboro, he didn’t choose to put his building there. Instead the people who buy on the west side of his edifice will be able to look out their expensive windows and see the Westboro that they aren’t a part of.

  3. Ken. I’m a bit behind in my Bulldog reading because I was out of town this weekend in, you guessed it, Toronto, and you’ll be shocked to hear that most Torontonians don’t care what Ottawans think of them. Also, in all the years I have lived in Ottawa I am surprised at how many of its residents haven’t lived anywhere else besides Ottawa.


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