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“In the spirit of routine and pro-active disclosure, and because sufficient time has lapsed to allow for a review from the insurer and for the City to submit a secondary claim, I have determined that releasing this document is in the public interest.”

Rick O’Connor, city clerk and solicitor on the release of the sinkhole report


Of course … in the spirit of routine and pro-active disclosure.

A bit odd that The Bulldog has dubbed the city “closed, uncaring and exclusive.” Must have come about because of the excess of routine and pro-active disclosure.

Odd too is the fact that when O’Connor refused to release the sinkhole report, his reason was that it would adversely affect the outcome of lawsuits filed against the city. Of course this information is routinely released to opposition lawyers in such cases.

Perhaps that reason was given in the spirit of routine and pro-active disclosure.

Video above: City solicitor Rick O’Connor has determined that it is in the public interest to release the sinkhole report that tells how a giant part of one of Ottawa’s main streets collapsed.

What the note from O’Connor really says is that access to information regulations require that these documents be released after 90 days.

The 90 days are up. So if the sinkhole documents were not released, the city would be in violation of the act.

So that’s the reason as well as the spirit of routine and pro-active disclosure.

Of course there are people who really believe in the spirit of routine and pro-active disclosure. They were the people who leaked the basic parts of the sinkhole report to The Bulldog some time ago.

The whole city memo is below:

Memo to Council – Rideau Street Infrastructure Failure Update – EN



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5 thoughts on “Our Open City Government: Whopper Watch

  1. I have had enough with the platitudes.

    This information should have been released as soon as it was received. All of the individuals at City Hall receive pay thanks to we the taxpayers. Sad to say, we can only fire the mayor and councillors.

    Anne Marie

    1. Anne Marie:

      You would never know with some people at city hall that we pay their salaries when you see how they patronize taxpayers.




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