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Frequent Bulldog contributor Sheridan continues his support for the Tunney’s Pasture site for the Civic hospital campus.

One would expect Mayor Jim Watson to be a supporter of the Tunney’s Pasture choice because it is on the LRT line.

Watson has been expressing the need for new major city buildings to be in close proximity to the new LRT system. A prime example is Watson’s call for the new main branch of the Ottawa Public Library to be accessible to LRT.

Watson is all about intensification along the LRT routes. And his council has been giving less downtown parking to new developments. Furthermore, businesses are recognizing this fact as well. For example, the Canadian Tire Centre has 6,500 parking spaces but when it moves to LeBreton, the new NHL arena will only have 500 parking spaces.

Recall architect Barry Padolsky’s post in the Ottawa Citizen (“Save the environment – Put the Civic hospital campus on the LRT line”), in which he argues against the Ottawa Hospital’s current demand for huge surface parking: “The Federal government’s climate change strategy calls for Canada’s cities to integrate land use and public transit in order to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by diminishing our dependence on the automobile as the primary form of urban transportation. …. It would also comply with the NCC’s ‘Plan For Canada’s Capital’ which promotes integrated land use and ‘sustainable mobility,’ particularly on federal lands. It would also contribute to the Ontario government’s new Climate Change Action Plan and the City of Ottawa Official Plan’s strategic priorities. Specifically, the city is committed to achieving the goal of a ‘transit modal split’ of 50 per cent within the greenbelt by 2031. This means that the new Civic hospital should be accessible by excellent public rapid transit to half of all future hospital visitors, ambulatory patients, staff and volunteers.”



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