Pageau’s Four Goals Are Called …?



A woman called in to TSN 1200 after the wild Ottawa Senators’ win Saturday and wondered what a four-goal game is called.

Then she answered her own question.

If three-goals is a hat trick, could not four goal be called quatrick combining the French word for four with hat trick.

Very creative. That woman could be writing headlines professionally.


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Photo below: A very happy J.G. Pageau.


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3 thoughts on “Pageau’s Four Goals Are Called …?

  1. Four goals is called a spectacular event.
    Let NO ONE forget…the TEAM played this game, one terrific hockey player racked up four because each member of the team was going for the win, not personal adulation.
    THAT, is what team work/play is all about.
    Pageau played a great game, as did the team.

    Anne Marie

    1. Anne Marie:

      I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with you but now you’re talking something important … Sens hockey.

      I thought the team sucked until the middle of the third.

      Pageau was much better than the team.

      So there.



      1. Ken,
        I forgot that Pageau got all four goals without assist.
        I also forgot the two of the cardinal rules…don’t discuss sports or politics.

        Anne Marie


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