Pestilence Or Watson? Vote


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Given the problems with city ambulances, light-rail accounting, Lansdowne revenue figures, dangerous bicycle lanes and questionable Twitter followers, perhaps it’s time to evaluate just how much Ottawans want Jim Watson as mayor. We do this through a Bulldog Poll.


This poll is now closed. For the final results, see The Bulldog on Thursday.


You get one vote. Thank you for participating.


Picture above: Noah readies for Ark-gate.


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4 thoughts on “Pestilence Or Watson? Vote

  1. If flooding occurs, then I can always escape to my getaway atop the Gatineau Hills or climb aboard my houseboat at Mooney’s Bay

    If fire, then use my fire insurance and rebuild. Furthermore, I have a cold, cold heart so the heat doesn’t bother me.

    If famine, then I’ll resort to my Y2K bunker which is still equipped with a 10-year supply of food.

    If pestilence, then no problem since I bicycled to the Civic Hospital earlier this year for multiple vaccinations to inoculate me from every pestilence possible.

    So really, this is a very easy choice for me.

    1. Sheridan:

      I’ll join you in Quebec. But then I don’t know your name. You are the municipal man of mystery.



  2. I think Watson still has the ‘perception’ vote.

    I spoke to a woman about a week ago who said she supports him because he’s done so much for seniors. When I asked for a couple of examples, she had nothing and resorted to “but he’s so nice”. She thought I was being “so cynical” when I said that and two bucks would buy you a cup of coffee.

    1. This is it. I’ve heard people say how impressed they are that he attends so many events, and I get suspicious looks if I point out he’s doing it at the expense of attending to municipal affairs.


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