Pestilence Tops Watson By 9-1: Bulldog Poll


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The results are in on the great flood, fire, famine and pestilence versus Mayor Jim Watson 2018 poll.

And this is it, pestilence won by about a nine-to-one margin.

Now here’s a bigger question. If Watson crushed former mayor Larry O’Brien at the polls, how would O’Brien have fared against fire and famine?

The tale of the tape is below:




Thank you for participating Dawg Pack. Next week: snakes.


Photo above: Mayor Jim Watson lost out to fire, famine, flood and pestilence in the latest Bulldog Poll.


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One thought on “Pestilence Tops Watson By 9-1: Bulldog Poll

  1. Did Watson defeat O’Brien or did O’Brien defeat O’Brien? He certainly did some of the heavy lifting to clear the way for Watson.

    It might be interesting to do a poll comparing Watson to each of the previous mayors of Ottawa and the regional chairs.


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