Peter Mansbridge To Call It Quits


Canadian broadcasting icon Peter Mansbridge will retire next Canada Day after covering the National holiday for the CBC.

Mansbridge has anchored The National for 28 years.

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2 thoughts on “Peter Mansbridge To Call It Quits

  1. As I’ve said elsewhere, Mansbridge was a good anchor, but let’s not overstate his place in the journalistic firmament. Mansbridge has done some great work. I recall his work on September 11, and on the day of the Parliament Hill attack. Those sorts of days are the days when we are served particularly well by the CBC as a sober and cautious journalistic organization.

    But this is also the same Peter Mansbridge who was making a LOT of money giving talks to corporations. And when confronted on this topic, gave a singularly weak defence. ( And the same Mansbridge who, in my opinion, has been FAR too clubby with PMs to the point that he fails to be sufficiently adversarial in interviews.

    Let us not gild the lily.


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