Phase 2 LRT Funding Secured

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Mayor Jim Watson was pleased to welcome Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the Belfast Yard Maintenance and Storage Facility today, where the Government of Canada announced its financial support for the Stage 2 LRT project.

The federal government has pledged to contribute up to $1.09 billion in total eligible costs to Stage 2 through their long term plan, Investing in Canada. This is in addition to the over $67 million the federal government committed to Stage 2 through the first phase of the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund last year.

Mayor Watson and Prime Minister Trudeau were also joined by Infrastructure Minister Bob Chiarelli from the Province of Ontario, which has already promised to invest $1 billion towards Stage 2 LRT, plus 50 per cent of the cost associated with extending the O-Train system to the Ottawa airport and from Place d’Orléans to Trim.

The remainder of the LRT costs, approximately $1 billion, will be covered by the City of Ottawa.

In the South, the Trillium Line will be expanded to reach Bowesville Station, with a link to the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier Airport, by 2021. In the East, the Confederation Line will extend to Trim Road by 2022. In the West, it will reach Algonquin College and Moodie Drive by 2023.

Once complete, Stage 2 will bring 70 per cent of Ottawa residents within five kilometers of efficient, clean and reliable rail service with the capability of carrying an estimated 24,000 riders per hour per direction during peak periods. The complete O-Train system will span nearly 60 kilometres and include 41 stations.

The confirmed federal and provincial funding allows the City to move forward with its innovative procurement solution for the Stage 2 extensions, including issuing the Request for Proposals for the extensions of both the Confederation and Trillium Lines, as well as ordering the additional vehicles required to service the expanded system.


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7 thoughts on “Phase 2 LRT Funding Secured

  1. I look forward to many years of wondrous press releases, photo-ops and to reading about the amount spent.
    With these kind of starting figures, I can see a cost overage of at least another $600 million.


  2. I was so hoping that someone at the provincial or federal level would deny funding and put an end to the LRT madness. Phase I is sufficient — add on with something else to reach the suburbs.


  3. Note:

    According to the CBC local this evening, Joanne Chianello in particular…we now have LRT to Kanata, Barrhaven, Orleans…across the city…we are on our way. (I was almost ill).

    Moodie Drive…is NOT Kanata…one could not even call it close. BBQ heaven is not even on the loop and none of this has any plausibility of starting to transpire before 2023 … in itself, that date is a dream.

    I am so fed up with this idiocy. The money comes out of our pockets no matter what the name of the government giving it is, there is only one taxpayer … we the suckers out here.

    Anne Marie


    1. Anne Marie
      Almost fell off my chair on hearing Moodie Drive was Kanata. The lack of basic knowledge about Ottawa locations, which then gets repeated, with obviously no checking, is outrageous and not good journalism. Time for most to check a real map!
      Several west end community groups are digging in their heels re LRT2 — dare we hope they might succeed in stopping the madness.


      1. Fed up Voter,

        I believe hope is all we have left.
        This Council and Jimmy do not know their own City and obviously do not care.
        It is sickening and disheartening.
        Meanwhile, people vote in the same inept person over and over again.

        Anne Marie


  4. The old adage of throwing good money after bad appears to be prevalent in all levels of government funding. Phase 1 has not been completed and has no proven track record (excuse the pun) and will not be in service for at least another year. That service is questionable yet all our pockets are being emptied at all levels of government Why? To buy votes?


  5. So this announcement was
    a) made after both the province and the feds received a thorough accounting of the funds invested so far and a clear demonstration (including ridership numbers and a report on how the route is designed to optimize ridership by serving population and economic centres) of the soundness of the planning exercise that went into the route development and other aspects, and
    b) contingent on continued public reporting on all aspects of the development of the LRT and related endeavours including but not limited to finances; public consultation; transparency of process; disaster planning and mitigation; and other areas potentially of concern to the public and the funders.
    I mean, they didn’t just hand over a cheque and say “Have fun building your train. Can we come back and ride it when it’s done?, did they?
    They did?? Oh. I see.


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