Pierre Pagé’s Car Wiped With Excrement


First, The Bulldog is assaulted by political operatives who write comments to discredit this news site.

Second, this publication is brute-force attacked to try to destroy it. That failed.

Then a candidate had his election signs ripped down.

Now 24 hours after former Ottawa city clerk Pierre Pagé wrote an opinion piece in The Bulldog, his parked car is wiped down in excrement.

Of course, this might not have been the work of political tricksters, whose acts undermine free speech and democracy. Perhaps said product jumped from a toilet onto Pagé’s vehicle. What gives pause to such a theory is that it is doubtful turds can read.

However excrement-wipers apparently, and surprisingly, can read.

A person such as Pagé, who in his distinguished role as city clerk helped preserve democracy, should not be the target of such an act.

Again this action reflects poorly on the candidate and the campaign workers who did it.


Pagé’s car.


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8 thoughts on “Pierre Pagé’s Car Wiped With Excrement

  1. I feel for Mr. Page. It appears that someone’s feelings were hurt.

    It appears that my comment on the Bulldog Forum about dirty tricks was prophetic. It seems that a candidate wandering in the woods stepped in some bear feces, and he has handed his boots to a lacky to clean up.

    Candidates who continue to allow pathetic back-room politicos who view dirty tricks as a form of sport to participate in their campaigns lack honour and integrity.

  2. Closing one’s eyes to this type of behaviour by people associated with your campaign is a reflection on the integrity of the candidate.
    Every candidate, and those who have yet to formally enter the campaign, should make an explicit statement that this type of behaviour is unacceptable, and that anyone who even discusses dirty tricks will be asked to leave.
    As my grandmother used to say, you are judged by the people with whom you associate.

  3. The cost of exposing incompetent, unqualified, phony candidates, would-be politicians and some elected officials. The excrement is their signature I guess.

  4. Very poignant, Ken. I oftentimes ask myself “does the world need more Canada”? Are we, those lucky enough to live in such a beautiful country, really different from anyone else?

  5. After further thought concerning this issue, I realized what I have said many times.
    “it’s easy to be a terrorist” and, in my opinion, what happened to Pierre’s car can be considered a minor act of terrorism. Hopefully fixing problems like this will be moved up on the priority list before Ottawa becomes like a big city before its time.

  6. Actions like this are repulsive and totally unacceptable in our democratic society.
    There is no excuse for it.


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