Pity Eugene Melnyk



Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk awoke Wednesday morning with optimism and all the hope in the world.

His hockey team will have huge crowds for at least two games at the Canadian Tire Centre. As well the Senators could win the series meaning a second-round tilt that could result in the team to break even for the year.

But by noon, Melnyk must have felt as though someone broke through the gate and kicked his dog around the back yard for an hour or two.

The worst has happened. Mayor Jim Watson wants himself and city manager Steve Kanellakos to have the sole authority to negotiate what will be on LeBreton Flats. The man who screwed up Melnyk’s casino plan and the municipal government that axed his plans for a Major League Soccer team and a stadium in the west end now wants power over the LeBreton deal.

And don’t think the timing of Watson’s power grab was an accident. The mayor knew exactly what he was doing.

He wanted his ploy to get the most coverage on the day the Stanley Cup playoffs open in Ottawa. Suddenly Watson and his gigantic ego take an equal seat with the playoff spectacular.

Watson’s grasping to be a star had to be satisfied with the biggest forum in the city.

The problem is Watson has absolutely no idea about what it takes to make LeBreton work. No idea at all.

The great campaigner and horrible administrator are a challenge … maybe a project-ending challenge … to a project that was unfolding fine.

Watch Watson screw it up.



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One thought on “Pity Eugene Melnyk

  1. Ken,
    Yes, more grandstanding by Watson, forever on the campaign trail. His involvement in this project would be a disaster. His input is not needed.

    Let the big boys who know what should be done do the job. The kiddies can go back to the sandbox … perhaps one can be located a Mooney’s Bay. Oh, that is another subject, or is it?

    Anne Marie


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