Planner Should Put High-Rise Beside His House: Whopper Watch



“We want high-rises that are good neighbours.”

A city planning manager Alain Miguelez

No, you want high-rises. And we can tell what else your department wants from the controversy concerning the high-rise and zoning report.

Maybe you could put a high-rise in beside YOUR house. I hear they’re good neighbours.

And maybe you can get your good neighbour to reimburse you a few hundred thousand for your dropped house value.


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2 thoughts on “Planner Should Put High-Rise Beside His House: Whopper Watch

  1. Great off-the-cuff comment from planner Alain Miguelez.
    Does he provide details describing what makes a good high-rise neighbour, three to four talking points that he is prepared to discuss with the people who pay him (i.e. the taxpayer), or does he feel a one-sentence cliché will settle this issue once and for all?
    I have noticed that everyone at city hall dips into the cliché bin on a regular basis in order to quell the masses.

  2. Ken, you are assuming that Miguelez lives in a single-family dwelling. If he lives in a high-rise, then the adjacent high-rise needs to be of sufficient height that he can tell what his neighbour across the courtyard is watching on TV.

    In addition, I recommend that you add to your comment by suggesting that high-rise buildings be built on the south side of Jim Watson’s house, and another beside Jan Harder’s. Why the south side? Because it will block the natural light that infuses their backyards. It will change the level of privacy and enjoyment that they have while relaxing with friends whilst grilling on the BBQ.

    In short, sacrifices are easy to call for when they involve someone elses’ sacrifice. To quote Pink Floyd ‘s Us and Them (Dark Side of the Moon) “Forward they cried from the rear, and the front rank died”.


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