Planning Cesspool Deepens


Your agent had a very illuminating conversation with a person who was formerly intertwined in the city planning department.

This person said that the members of the local planning review panels who are replacing the Ontario Municipal Board will likely be appointed by the City of Ottawa.

Expect a deputy mayor, the planning committee chairwoman, a few councillors, maybe a city staff member or two and a few people chosen from at large.

Meanwhile your agent agrees with the person’s assessment and would add that there will be developers chosen for it and that the city will retain control of the review panels. The people at large will likely be lapdogs of the current group running council. Some might have already won the Order of Ottawa.

And that’s because we’ve seen how the appointments of watchdogs have gone in the past. Accordingly, the degree of critical observation of staff and council has almost disappeared.

So now the conflicts of interest multiply. Already we have a mayor and many councillors receiving cash from developer management and employees for their campaigns. These are the same people  who adjudicate over developer applications.

Now we will have those same councillors adjudicating over development decisions of their own council. Is it possible to be more incestuous than this?

The cesspool that is planning in the City of Ottawa grows even deeper.


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6 thoughts on “Planning Cesspool Deepens

  1. Ken, methinks both you and your informant are barking up the wrong tree. Local panels will see their scope increased to include site plan appeals but that’s it. The replacement of the OMB (get used to it: LPAT) will not be a “local panel.” In fact, Yasir Naqvi told me that, under the new regime, Panel members will be chosen from the combined pool of administrative tribunals.

    1. EajD:

      What is the combined pool of administrative tribunals?

      Sound like political-speak to me.



      1. It’s actual closer to a style of management seen as more economically efficient because it means it’s easier to allocate resources that are available, using a pull factor when needed.

      2. The members that are appointed to any of the five Boards or Tribunals that are part of ELTO — Environmental and Land Tribunals of Ontario. Ref.
        True, these members are appointed by the government of the day. So are all judges on any court.

        1. EajD:

          I’ll be interested to see who is appointed to these panels. I’ve been covering municipal politics and news since 1998 and I’ve never heard of this operation before.




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