Planning Committee Approves Three Projects


This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

The year’s first meeting of the City’s Planning Committee today focused on transit-oriented development in Westboro and in Centretown.

The Committee approved a zoning amendment to permit a four-storey, 13-unit apartment building at 404 Eden Avenue in Westboro. Located near two rapid transit stations, the site will be well served by public transit, in keeping with City Council’s aim to promote transit-oriented development.

Zoning amendments were also approved that would allow development of two neighbouring properties on Bronson Avenue. The first is a six-storey, mixed-use building at 770 Bronson Avenue, at the southwest corner of Carling Avenue. The second, just south of that development at774 Bronson Avenue, would be a 12-storey, 172-unit mixed-use tower designed primarily for university students.

Reports for all three proposed developments will go to City Council on Wednesday, Feb. 8.



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8 thoughts on “Planning Committee Approves Three Projects

  1. We all know that these ‘amendments’ will be passed without discussion. Discussion does not transpire with our council and mayor. In addition, many stated and it has been demonstrated over and over again, that the LRT route did not need to be where the people were. The city will just make whatever amendments are necessary to put people where the LRT is.

    Our council and mayor are not concerned about what’s best for the city. Their concern rests with their own grandiose ideals.

    Anne Marie

  2. 404 Eden is a kilometre away from either Westboro or Dominion Station. This is transit-oriented development?
    What does “designed primarily for university students” mean? Is it a student residence or an apartment building that may be of interest to students because it’s relatively close to Carleton but could also accommodate other people?

    1. One subset of the Planning Department considers anything within 300 metres of a transit station as being a pertinent factor for transit planning purposes. Another subset of the Planning Department (down the hall, second silo on the left) considers anything within 400 metres of a transit station as being subject to the intensifcation factors (density, parking) for rezoning purposes. It now appears that the Planning Committee has added a third parameter, notably 1,000 metres as being close enough to support a rezoning application, at least for public relations purposes.

      While I realize that it might limit the flexibility of the Planning Department to meet the needs of their clients, notably the developers who pay the application fees that fund, in part, the department, but would it be too much to ask the various parts of the Planning Department to settle on one parameter, if for no other reason than having a set of consistent, coherent planning policies?

      1. Ron:

        Planning uses transit-oriented development to justify most any project downtown. And it approves most anything in the suburbs.

        So … who controls the city? Planning? Nope.



      2. Ron,
        Did you just say “consistent, coherent planning policies” in the same sentence as “Planning Department”?? I think I saw the word “reason” in that sentence too. What were you thinking?


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