Please Mr. Manconi … Just A Peek?



Pardon us for being skeptical, but aw come on.

OC Transpo produced a first-quarter update on transit ridership. OC Transpo general manager John Manconi says the drop is really, really, really small. He does release some revenue figures, which are down except if you take into account costs savings.

“We’re around 100 million rides a year, so when people talk about a drop, you look at that number. It’s a very, very small percentage,” Manconi said.

Just one problem. Manconi hasn’t released the ridership figures. We are to take his word for it, one guesses. Maybe taxpayers can’t handle the truth. He’s being very, very quiet.

Surely Manconi has seen the figures. Come on … we just pay for the system, we lowly taxpayers. You could give us a peek, eh? You have seen the figures, haven’t you? Please say yes.

Manconi also tells us that all North American transit systems experience ridership changes. Well yes they do, up, down, sideways … tell us Mr. Manconi … how did ours do?

Most of us pay thousands of dollars of property taxes. Come on, give us a peek. It’s our money, not yours. We won’t tell anyone except our 62,000 closest friends.

Manconi says he expects a small bump up in ridership in 2018 when light rail comes on board.

Wait a second. A little bump for $2.3 billion? Those are some pretty expensive riders. Are we taxpayers going into massive debt for a bump?

And how confident can Manconi be about the bump when most Ottawans inherit an extra transfer in January with light rail and the city didn’t do any ridership studies?

Perhaps we’ll see in 2018. Or not, if Manconi doesn’t release the figures.

Videos above: Jack Nicholson and Elmer Fudd explaining OC Transpo’s MO.


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4 thoughts on “Please Mr. Manconi … Just A Peek?

  1. Ken,

    Just what do you think really,really,really small means. All you need do is get out your dictionary.

    Mr. Manconi has read the report and it must say right in it that the drop is a very,very small percentage.

    Hey, I am an accountant and those facts are just fine, What more would you like to know?

    Let me put it in layman’s terms. There was an insignificant drop, a drop sooooo small that in order to express it one would need to use an infinite number of zeros after the decimal point.
    In other words it was a teeny-wenny drop.

    I hope that clears it up for you.

    Chaz :)

  2. Small is a relative world. Manconi should be providing the numbers and letting us decide if it is ‘small’, not deciding for us.


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