Please, Send Uncle Jim $57 For His B’Day


Here’s how good ole Uncle Jim collects campaign donations.

Strangely enough, this request was not sent to your agent but was forwarded to me by a rascal.

The name of the person to whom this request was sent was withheld to protect the guilty.


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7 thoughts on “Please, Send Uncle Jim $57 For His B’Day

  1. More likely 57 developers will each send $5,700.

    On the other hand, I tend to think of him more as a godfather than an uncle. Misbehave and you will wake up to a 45-storey building in your bed and a decapitated secondary plan.

  2. Ah, Nicola and Olivia, I’m sure you do love your Uncle Jim but perhaps you should subscribe to The Bulldog to find out what mommy and daddy aren’t telling you at the dinner table so you can ask him why so many people are unhappy with the manner in which he’s running the city he claims to love so much.

    1. Kosmo,
      Good one.
      I think the NCC only gets involved when the kids sell stuff on their land so asking for money probably won’t raise any concerns.

  3. I have a better idea – let’s organize to get someone else to be mayor and then these young ladies can have their Uncle Jim available to spend even more time with them. If they love having him around so much, we could all help facilitate that. Based on his current schedule, how much time could they possibly have with him?
    Unless, of course, this is their attempt to make sure he’s well-occupied and has only limited time to spend with them. Is this a plea from them to keep Uncle Jim busy elsewhere?


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