Police: Just Be The Professionals You Are


Some of Ottawa’s police officers have taken to wearing wristbands in support of Const. Daniel Montsion who is charged with manslaughter in connection with the death of Abdirahman Abdi.

The racially charged case has our multicultural community looking closely for possible bias given that the accused is an Ottawa police officer.

Already the Special Investigations Unit released Montsion without a court appearance at the OPP detachment in Kanata. Members of the multicultural community perceived this as bias in favour of Montsion. The action was not illegal but was bad PR.

Now the wristbands. Here we have some police officers taking sides. The public appreciates that the police service is a band of brothers who work together under the most difficult of circumstances. And god bless them for that.

But there is a point where brotherhood goes too far, particularly when the force has one of its own on trial. It is now when the police not only have to be unbiased but must appear to be unbiased. For if the appearance is lost, all is lost in trying to mend fences with the multicultural community.

Here’s a bit of advice from an unbiased outside observer who supports the multicultural community and the police.

Let the legal system unfold as it should. The police put trust in the law every day. Now that one of your own is on trial it is time to retain that faith and rise above emotions. Let the courts come to a decision without giving the multicultural community ammunition that the police are biased. The police are good people and so too is the multicultural community. Both factions should believe in the rule of law and in each other.

Let the rule of law prevail. Police should do their jobs as they previously and superbly have.

Everyone should put their faith in the legal system. The police should let it operate well and without bias.

Don’t give opponents of the police an opportunity to question its members’ professionalism.

Montsion will be on trial in one of the best justice systems in the world to which the police contribute their expertise.

Let the justice system do its job. And don’t create unnecessary concern in a multicultural community that is worried that it isn’t treated fairly by the police.

Just be professionals. That is the best tribute to Montsion and will calm the nerves of the multicultural community.

Remember that when this trial is over, we all have to live together.



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4 thoughts on “Police: Just Be The Professionals You Are

  1. This article and the press release from Mr. El-Chantiry are both expressing same thoughts in a fair manner.

    It just makes me sad that the us-versus-them mentality has festered over the years

    How did we get here?

    How do we fix it?

    Multiple factors are at play. So many issues to address. The perception of fear must be de-escalated. Society got to this point within my lifetime and I don’t see us getting out of it before I die.

    1. Chaz, while I agree with your conclusion that we are unlikely to break out of the us vs. them culture within your lifetime, I suggest that society arrived at that point a few millenia ago (thus predating your lifetime). History is replete with examples of cultural groups (also known as tribes) expressing distrust of other neighbouring tribes, and of perceptions of abuse of power by those in positions of authority.

      1. Ron,
        I was kind of limiting my comment to some things that I’ve seen change drastically in my lifetime. I was referring more to the police wearing and using far more military equipment and tactics on the one side and citizens feeling the need to grab a camera when they see police coming on the other side.
        In this area, it seems that the relationship has gone downhill.


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