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“Anyone who’s not happy with their job, they can leave and stop accepting a paycheque. That’s my advice to those people who are not satisfied; if they’re outraged in principle, then they have every right – they’re not being handcuffed to a desk – they can leave and work elsewhere.”

Mayor Jim Watson responding to officer criticism of the police chief

Now there’s a caring, loving statement.

If you don’t like how the police force is run, hit the road buddy.

Maybe His Worship missed the concept of democracy. Perhaps they didn’t teach that in his communications undergraduate program.

Then there’s freedom of speech and expression. You know how much the mayor values that in the way he blacklisted The Bulldog. It was Watson saying in his own sensitive way: If you don’t like how I run the city, I’ll put your struggling little business at a competitive disadvantage. That’s how Rob Ford treated the Toronto Star.

Furthermore how easy is it for a police officer to get another job? For one thing, the officer has to leave town to get another position. Hard to get a spot in the other police force in town. And maybe the officer likes his job. He just disagrees with aspects of the way the force is run. Does that mean he has to leave Dodge? Wait a second … in the movies isn’t it the crooks the sheriff runs out of town?

Moving means disrupting children in school and a spouse’s career as well. Easy for the mayor to say: he’s single. For an officer raised in Ottawa, that means leaving the extended family as well.

So here we have the mayor of the city, who should be one of the biggest backers of free speech and expression and democracy essentially saying: Ottawa Police Service, love it or leave it. He says this to officers who put their lives on the line protecting His Worship, the rule of law, freedom and the citizens of Ottawa?

The mayor’s words are simple and uneducated.

If the mayor wants to support police chief Charles Bordeleau, he’s more than welcome to do that.  But then the rank and file has the right not to support the chief. That’s how democracy works.

And what happens if Bordeleau disagrees with the mayor over the size of the police budget?

Does Watson say: Look Bordeleau, love it or leave it.

If Watson doesn’t like freedom of speech and expression or democracy in Canada, by his own standards, he should love it or leave it.

Get back to us on how things work out for you in some tin-pot Third World dictatorship.


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6 thoughts on “Police Service, Love It Or Leave It: Whopper Watch

  1. I find it very interesting that the mayor stayed very very quiet until the union called him out … then he attacks like a cornered mouse.


    1. Kosmo,
      “Attacking like a cornered mouse.”
      I don’t know if it is my failed memory or not but I don’t recall hearing that phrase before. I will record it in my journal and may find a use for it sometime.


      1. Kosmo, A bit off topic but:
        When I entered the saying in my journal I found that I had written down some many,many years ago – The Mouse That Roared, Peter Sellers.
        Thank you because I am going to try and find that movie and watch it again. Hopefully I’ll find it on the web.


        1. Kosmo – thank you for tweaking a memory.

          Just watched The Mouse That Roared. Now I know why I had it noted in my journal. This movie teaches everything one needs to know about politics, politicians and decision-making .

          Best laugh I’ve had in decades.



  2. “The mayor’s words are simple and uneducated.” I would say that they are vicious and threatening. The message is that Mayor Jim Watson will not tolerate any opposition to his carefully crafted political utopia. Unity is paramount at council; at any cost, especially sacrificing serious debate and public consultation. No one is safe from Watson’s rule, not even the OPS.

    This was an intentional political ploy; few politicians are more Machiavellian than Watson.


  3. Listening to and compiling employee complaints about management is necessary. Quite often the employee’s observations are spot on.

    In other words, you can not just dismiss criticism leveled at management as being from whiners.

    The Peter Principle is always at play.


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