Political Dirty Tricks Hit The Bulldog


Ah the political dirty tricks in the municipal election campaign have begun.

Right on time with the candidates hitting the campaign trail.


Bulldog readers no doubt noticed two commenters “andhecallshimselfajournalist” and “someone in the mayor’s office” spewing venom about yours truly in an effort to discredit this publication. Both had IP addresses in Montreal where the call for Ottawa local news is insatiable.

One had an email address of info@ottawa.ca which is impossible, particularly from Montreal. They were very easy to see through. Obviously one candidate is not paying enough for weasels.

But credit where credit is due. These misdeeds started immediately as the hustings opened so the expenses can be charged against the campaign. After the election we should go through candidates’ expenses and look for “Weasels, Montreal.” This was so easy to spot. It’s sure hard to get good weasels these days.

And it reflects poorly on the candidate.

As well, The Bulldog website was brute-force attacked to kick off the campaign. How this works is that a computer tries to break into the password box for the site thousands of times, overwhelming the site so it crashes.

In the early days of websites, publications such as the New York Times were knocked down by brute-force attacks. But the defence technology has improved so it’s almost impossible to brute-force a site with the proper precautions in place. In The Bulldog’s case, we’ve hired a linebacker from the Ottawa Redblacks.

All these dirty tricks reflect poorly on the candidate. They are incompetent, foolish and counterproductive. Somewhere Richard Nixon is smiling.

But if these instances go beyond incompetent, foolish and counterproductive and become dangerous, it will be time to call the police.

Still, so far, so good.


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8 thoughts on “Political Dirty Tricks Hit The Bulldog

  1. Ken,
    Just a day or two ago, I used the term about giving credit where credit is due. I also used it in a negative way.
    The OPP has a special branch that investigates cyber hacking.


    1. Kosmo:

      What I find pathetic about these people is how they start exactly when the campaign begins, don’t hide who they are or who they represent and lie like rugs.

      What does this have to do with democracy? These are people who have been in the sleazy side of politics for so long that winning is everything. Morals take second place.

      And that reflects on the candidate, who has been doing this for so long, he loses his moral centre.

      When you are weaned on politics, you forget why you are trying to get the people’s support. You’re weaned on sleaze.

      That makes you a lousy public representative.




  2. Too bad the instigators can’t be flushed out before the final vote takes place. But to be fair many of us hit on these folks pretty hard on a daily basis. It shouldn’t be a surprise that some are hitting back. Although I do like Chaz’s comment concerning the OPP.


    1. Sisco:

      A little early for the OPP but that arrow is in my quiver.

      Little tricksters were back at it again today.

      Frankly I don’t really give a damn other than it makes for a good post.

      There’s an outside chance it could get really nasty. That’s when we get the police on it.

      Shouldn’t be difficult to figure out who’s doing it because the culprits are major-league stupid.




    2. Sisco:

      We do hit these folks pretty hard, but at the same time we are truthful and our comments are fact based. The truth shouldn’t hurt that much,,, should it?


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