Pothole Jim Gets Media ‘Celebration’


Diligent Bulldog readers will remember that your agent condemned Mayor Jim Watson for using a city press release to publicize his celebration of repairing roads.

You see, His Worship has been strongly criticized for ignoring the pot-holed state of Ottawa’s roads.

So he sent out a self-serving release saying that he was going to “celebrate” fixing our roads. Election coming you say? Your agent has to repair a sidewalk outside Bulldog World Headquarters and when I’m finished I’m going to celebrate and invite the press.

But in the meantime, your agent thought that no one was about to cover that self-promotion until I was driving home listening to the radio. Guess what. There were the baritone tones of His Worship coming from pothole-fest.

I couldn’t believe it. Really? That’s the best journalism you can do?

If a reporter brought that back to me at the end of a workday, your agent would be unhappy.

“You mean the world as we know it is being destroyed by climate change, aggression, chapped lips and Jim Watson, and you come back with this?”

And what do Watson supporters think of all this. See the video below:




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3 thoughts on “Pothole Jim Gets Media ‘Celebration’

  1. Why has no one commented on the lack of line painting?
    There are no solid or spaced white lines, no turn lines, even the bike lane lines are faded out. Are these almost as important as potholes?

    1. Marilyn, the lack of lines only means that the judges evaluating the ski cross like manoeuvres by drivers as they dodge tire/rim/shock absorber damaging pot holes have a harder time coming up with comparable scores.


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