Pothole Jim Uses City To Publicize Himself


When your agent first saw this release, the email went straight to delete because it is not The Bulldog’s job to publicize Mayor Jim Watson and transportation committee chairman Keith Egli.


But let’s just think for a moment. This release is highly political. Watson has taken much heat because of the terrible condition of Ottawa’s roads.

So now he is out “celebrating” the condition of our roads with Egli.

Some things don’t change. Watson and our roads.

The roads still stink and so does Watson on this one.

It’s not the job of the taxpayer-funded communications department to write press releases that are obviously formulated to publicize the mayor in a re-election year.

Going out to “celebrate” our roads. Perhaps tomorrow morning I will “celebrate” brushing my teeth.

So here’s a note for the mayor.

Stop using a taxpayer-funded communications to publicize yourself. It’s wrong.

Is there someone at city hall who we can contact to stop this?

The release is below:


Mayor to celebrate investments in Ottawa’s roads

Ottawa – Mayor Jim Watson and Transportation Committee Chair Keith Egli will kick off construction season and highlight infrastructure investments in Ottawa.

Date: Friday, May 25

Time: 10 am
Location: Corner of Holland Avenue and Fisher Avenue (south of Carling Avenue)

Photo and media availability at 10:10 am.

The City ended 2017 with a $24.9-million surplus. City Council voted to spend $10 million of the surplus on renewing infrastructure, including roads, sidewalks, multi-use pathways, parks and buildings across the city.  The City has allocated $51.7 million to resurface roads across Ottawa this year.

015, the City’s Infrastructure Services has designed and constructed approximately $2 billion worth of infrastructure projects in Ottawa.

And don’t forget there’s a photo op of Watson smiling as fills in a pothole with substandard asphalt.


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7 thoughts on “Pothole Jim Uses City To Publicize Himself

  1. Ken,
    You have editorialized on the subject of press releases in the past. It is apropos that Fahrenheit 451 is on HBO.

    – suppression of dissenting ideas;

    – using mass media to push the masses in the direction the government wants them to go;

    – erasing individual thought;

    Here’s a slight rewrite of a section from Ray Bradbury’s story:

    Don’t give them any slippery stuff like philosophy or sociology or the chance to give input on big issues that matter; these things tend to tie them up. That way lies melancholy.

    Tar is good – come see.

    Planning regulations are boring – don’t look this way.

    What do you think, Montag?


    1. Chaz:

      I hope you got the facts straight because I haven’t read Fahrenheit 451 since high school.




      1. Ken.
        The part I added was “or the chance to give input on big issues that matter”. The bit about tar and planning aren’t in the book either. They are just an example of the “look here not there” political norm.


  2. Mayor Jim Watson is like far too many other elected officials.

    They lack the ability to differentiate between government funds, which are to be used exclusively for the general benefit of the public, and personal funds, which are to be used for personal benefit. This is a derivative of a larger problem, which is the inability to differentiate between governing and self.

    Perhaps a councillor could present, at the next council meeting, a resolution that no press release issued by the city may mention the name of any elected official, municipal, provincial or federal in the first three paragraphs. Now, that would be putting the cat amongst the pigeons.


  3. Why do Jim Watson and other councillors think fixing roads is an accomplishment they should be taking credit for? As a taxpayer I expect the roadways I use to be well-maintained. It’s akin to going to the washroom in your local mall and expecting to find toilet paper in each stall.


    1. Sisco.
      You gotta stop expectin’ stuff.
      You can live without toilet paper and you can live without good roads.
      But, can we learn to live without self-serving politicians? I think that they think – not.
      Mr. Ford is offering 53 pennies per day in income tax savings to people earning $31200.00 per year. Wonder how far that will go in helping to pay for car repairs?


  4. Chaz. You’re right. I can live without these things. I just hate having to pay for something I’m not getting so I can, as you say, use my money to deal with the consequences, in this case suspension issues and tire re-alignment.


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