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Frequent Bulldog contributor Sheridan makes a number of interesting points on The Bulldog post Show Leadership, Stephen Blais.

One of the best concerns the timing of Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais’ attack on Gloucester-Southgate Councillor Diane Deans.

Sheridan’s comment is below:

First, Blais was not blaming Deans when the Trillium Line encountered all the problems at the relaunch. Therefore, Blais’ sudden attack has everything to do with Deans’ opposition to the city budget.

Second, the public deserves answers as to why the Trillium Line is not performing as promised. The six new trains ($34-million) were ordered in September 2011, so there was adequate time to manage the sidings (passing loops at Brookfield and Gladstone), platform alterations, new switches, etc., with the remaining $26.3-million. This is not new technology, and the eight-kilometre route is rather simple with just five stops: Greenboro, Confederation Heights, Carleton, Carling and Bayview. Therefore, to have misjudged the train frequencies, as well as having so many service disruptions, is inexcusable.

Former mayoral candidate Mike Maguire called for the privatization of some OC Transpo routes, during the last election. Maybe we need to go further and privatize all of OC Transpo. Indeed, the city has nothing but the greatest praise for Rideau Transit Group’s (handling the design and construction of the Confederation Line, as well as a 30-year maintenance contract). Chances are that a privatized OC Transpo would be more efficient and more accountable to its customers than the current bureaucratic management.

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