Protect Victims Of Pro-Life Assaults



Pro-life advocates have every right to protest in front of The Morgentaler Clinic on Bank Street.

Protest is fundamental to our democracy. Pro-choice supporters have that same right.

But protest has its limitations. People going to the clinic should not be subjected to being spat upon and having water thrown on them or the clinic itself being entered by a protester.

Whether the actions of the pro-life advocates constitute assault is up to the courts to decide. However the police must develop a strategy so that uncivilized protest does not occur.

One of the foundations of this country is the rule of law. If people respect civilization, they should respect the rule of law.

Pro-life supporters should be able to express their views in a proper manner just as their pro-choice counterparts can.

But realistically if pro-life backers want to challenge the current interpretation of the law, the courts are the place to go.

Courts will not tolerate spitting or unlawful intrusion or water assaults. A judge can rule that those actions under his jurisdiction could constitute contempt.

Protest peaceably, protest with respect or take the actions of the clinic to the courts.

But when protesting, don’t assault civilization. Democracies don’t need that and shouldn’t tolerate that.



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One thought on “Protect Victims Of Pro-Life Assaults

  1. Civility, good manners, courtesy, politeness.

    If you want to try to get information my way, use your words. I won’t stop you from holding up a sign or giving out pamphlets as I pass by. Please, please, please – do not push me, block my path or spit on me.

    Chances are I am already frightened enough. Chances are I’ve already done my own soul-searching.

    Be civil.


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