‘Quicker, better and faster:’ Whopper Watch




“Quicker, better and faster.”

Pat Scrimgeour, OC Transpo director of transit systems and planning, on the O-Train.


Pardon me, boy. Is that the Chattanooga Doo Doo?

Perhaps Scrimgeour was piling the fertilizer a tad high this week.

Above and beyond the fact that ‘quicker’ and ‘faster’ are similarer (we leave it to the scientific minds at OC Transpo to explain the differencer), better is a tad subjectiver.

Let’s start with quicker or faster, whichever one is betterer.

Is what the Scrimgeourer is saying is that when half the city is transferring at a few stations from buses to the light-rail system that it will be faster than travelling from Kanataer by express bus downtown? Come on.

And better?

We ask our councillorers to park their posteriorers on a bench waiting for the “faster, better and quicker” light-rail train for some time in January.

Better when you can park your rear ender in January in a warm bus all the way from Kanataer to downtown? Come on.

Let’s a load of stuffer.

The project has already missed on-budgeter and will likely miss on-timer come a year from now.

No need to pile up the number of misses with “faster, better and quicker.”


Video above: Tex Beneke with the Chattanooga Choo Choo. Get down.

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7 thoughts on “‘Quicker, better and faster:’ Whopper Watch

  1. Once a year, I take the #95 bus from Montreal Road at the Queensway to Westboro Station. Two years ago, the full Transitway was operational and I noted the trip time. Last year, made the trip one day after the Transitway was closed from Blair to Bayview and it took the same amount of time. Last week, made the trip with the Transitway closed from Blair to Tunney’s and again it took the same amount of time. How does the city explain this?
    Did not see much spare space at Blair or Tunney’s for all those express routes to stop, unload passengers, then turn around and go…

  2. Look, up in the air. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no – wait a minute, I think it’s a train. Good gosh that thing’s fast.

    Thank you for the video. That made my day.

      1. Ken,
        I big liked your use of the word similarer and it is with surety that I say,” Using quicker and faster is redundanter.” George shouldn’t have said that Pat Scrimgeour was incorrect for using two words that mean the same thing, that is an unpresidented use of the word idiot.

      2. Oscar Wilde might have said, “I spent most of the day putting in the er and the rest of the day taking it out.” :)


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