Radio-Canada Arrest Threatens Journalism: Stuff



We should all be concerned when a very legitimate reporter for Radio-Canada in Gatineau Antoine Trépanier is arrested for allegedly harassing a woman in the course of investigating a story. Radio-Canada backs the reporter after looking into the issue. Gatineau police used the #metoo movement as a reason for the quick arrest. Gatineau police should be thinking very hard about what they have done. It looks very much like the police over-reacted and have unduly interfered with a reporter, good journalism and his story. A very sad situation … Superclusters are geographic concentrations of tech companies with similar goals. The federal government, which can’t get its low-tech Phoenix pay system together (and that doesn’t lend confidence to this high-tech project), has sort of picked out five supercluster sites. They look to be located in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto-Waterloo, Montreal and somewhere in Atlantic Canada. Notice a city missing from this list? First Ottawa can’t make the top 20 in the Amazon HQ derby and now this. Where was city hall when these sites were being decided? Bake sale? Maybe someone should tell the feds that superclusters pop up on their own in a free market economy. Did anyone expect The Bulldog supercluster to appear in Ottawa’s old west end? … Don’t worry however. This supercluster strategy looks like a lot of good money down the drain … Instant Pot 101: Live demos at the OPL! Curious why your agent at first blush on this foregoing press release was wondering why the city library was giving demos in pot. Is the July 1 legalization that soon. In fact, it was about a type of Ottawa cooker. Please don’t ask for more explanation … Carleton University has a new dean of science, Charles L. B. Macdonald. Welcome aboard … The Thirteen Strings are performing on Good Friday at Dominion-Chalmers United Church. Appropriately, the show will touch on religion … ah the #melnykout campaign is picking up steam. Wonder who the people behind it have lined up to purchase the franchise that loses about $10 million a year. And will this person or persons keep the team in Ottawa? Maybe #melnykout people should be damn glad that someone owns the team who is prepared to lose money and is planning a big new rink at LeBreton Flats. Maybe the #melnykout people will help finance the new rink with their millions of dollars …


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2 thoughts on “Radio-Canada Arrest Threatens Journalism: Stuff

  1. During the days of silicon north, in which an industry other than government paid workers good salaries, Ottawa shone. The city had a lot to be proud of. If Van Halen ever re-wrote, “Where Have All the Good Times Gone” they might call it “Whatever Happened to Ottawa.”

    1. Sisco:

      Losing Nortel really hurt in many ways in the community.

      They were the dominant advertiser inside the arena in Kanata for the Sens and did lots of charity events.




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