Re-Writing Watson’s Record: Whopper Watch



“(Mayor Jim Watson’s record) hasn’t been entirely spotless — Watson was criticized for his response to the death of Abdirahman Abdi last summer — but for a mayor cruising toward the finish line of his second term, his record has been notably disasterless.”

John Michael McGrath, TVO reporter

This is what happens when you have someone write on a topic for which they have little knowledge.

We direct reporter McGrath to the City of Ottawa Screw-Up Page … always an interesting read and ever-expanding where he can see how smoothly our municipality has run under Watson.

Odd too is the fact that the article praises politicians who finish up their terms and cites Watson as an example.

Maybe McGrath didn’t catch that Watson didn’t finish his term in the former City of Ottawa, that he didn’t finish his term as Ontario municipal affairs minister and that he didn’t even get the chair warm at CHRO where is was to host a Happy Town News Show (his idea of hard-hitting journalism) until he was whisked away for more interesting work.

Good grief. It’s amazing how high you can pile this stuff. Did Watson write this story?

Here’s another one from McGrath’s opus:

In the meantime, and until someone figures out how to get major transit projects done with more haste, Jim Watson reminds us that the only thing that guarantees them a fighting chance is having the politicians who back them stick around.



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4 thoughts on “Re-Writing Watson’s Record: Whopper Watch

  1. The crowd gathers and the cheer goes out.
    Watson, Watson
    He’s our man,
    If anyone can do it,
    Watson can.

    Can :
    -skip from one job to another at the drop of a hat
    -sit on the fence
    -pass the buck when off the fence
    -spend the bucks
    -lay sod
    -gate bridges
    -get TVO to offer up praises.

    Seems to me that TVO has something to do with Sinking Ships and parks.


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