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Frequent Bulldog contributor Chaz covers every square inch of The Bulldog on 1310 News.

The management and staff of The Bulldog love Chaz. He diligently reads Bulldog Canadian and Bulldog Fetch. He particularly enjoys the television review part of Bulldog Fetch. This is something The Bulldog feels strongly all readers should do.

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To get Chaz’s take on it, see below:

The thing that comes through to me on the green bin, the airline overbooking and Netflix is consumer choice. The ability to choose coupled with the knowledge of what am I choosing between is important.


Total choice:

I can buy a brand name soup or a no-name soup. The price point is one side of my decision but taste may be another. On a small ticket item I can try the cheaper one quite easily and then decide which becomes my soup.

On things like Netflix I choose not to get it because I don’t watch enough TV to make it an important item.

Like my soup, with Netflix I make the choice.

Partial choice:

Now, when it comes to the airline issue I might pay a surcharge for a reserved seat depending on the importance of why I was traveling. I should be given the choice to pay a surcharge. Before this particular incident did the average airline passenger even understand the concept of airline over-booking and did they know they could be barred from flying at the whim of the airline?

Unlike my soup, I am stuck without a full choice.

No choice:

In the services we pay for through government we get no real choice. We elect politicians and the politicians hire management but after that we are merely swept along with the current. We hope that good decisions will be made. We expect that good decisions will be made. We pay pretty good salaries to people to make good decisions. Take a peek at the Sunshine list.

Like it or not, we too often get stuck with decisions badly made followed by mismanaged projects. A short list of screw-ups could include hydro, health care and yes – tunnels with trains, green bins and maybe even robots. Robots are a one time bad taste but the green bin contract is a long term mess. There are far too many ill-run and expensive long-term messes.

Photos: Hey lookie here: I’m on the Tweets with Mark Sutcliffe and Sherrilyne Starkie.

Unlike a one-time bad taste from a soup or missing a TV show or getting kicked off a plane or a robot travelling the town, these long-term messes run from the horrific to being just inane. The worse part is that we get stuck with those errors for a long long term with no way out.

As another Ottawa example, besides the green bid contract, Ottawans gave a 30-year contract to a newly formed consortium to run untested trains that weren’t yet built on routes that had no ridership studies. Remember, you only got out of Plasco because they went down the tubes.

Governments (your city, my town, our province, our country, other countries) must stop looking at the decision-making process as being like a choice between what kind of soup we try.

Hey, “the Donald” makes decisions about missiles while he’s eating chocolate cake. Sometimes I don’t wonder about what kind of cake is being eaten but I do wonder how many beers were downed prior to setting something in motion.

So there you have it, from soup to nuts. (or was that Netflix to green bins). As time goes by, Duck Soup is looking more like a Nostradamus prophecy rather than a comedy movie.






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3 thoughts on “Reader Goes Wild About Power Lunch Show

  1. Given the top notch writings by CHAZ one might think he was a journalist from the good old days of true journalism similar to The Bulldog. Bring back those days of investigative reporting please.

    1. Bruce,

      Thank you.

      I can tell you that, indeed, I am from olden days and have spent a lifetime in management. I could tell you I’ve travelled, lectured and been a decision-maker. I could tell you that I’ve made mistakes but I could count the screw-ups I’ve made over five decades on one hand. I could tell you that every mistake added to my ability to not make mistakes.

      Look at Ken’s Ottawa screw-up list, pretty horrific. Look globally and it makes a person wonder who’s running this mess and why are similar mistakes made repeatedly.

      But a journalist, alas, I ain’t.
      A journalist, of quality, Ken is.

      This newspaper, yes – it is a news site, provides a wide range of information. Ken, keep it up.



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