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Bulldog LiveAll Ontario election day Thursday, The Bulldog will be online bringing you commentary about the critical vote.

And it’s interactive, you can comment in real time on what you’ve read. Use the comment box at the bottom of this post.

So join Ken Gray and The Bulldog for live commentary on the Ontario election Thursday.

For the live commentary, click on continue reading. The commentary is below:

11:34 – Wynne wraps up speech and so ends Bulldog Live for this Ontario election. Thank you for the wonderful response to the commentary. Time for The Bulldog to hit the sack. Talk to you tomorrow.

11:30 – “Ontario is a beautiful inclusive place … we have so proven that tonight.”

11:27 – Wynne thanks her partner Jane. The world is changing … for the better.

11:25 – Wynne congratulates Hudak and wishes him well in next phase of his life. Classy.

11:21 – Wynne win. Big night for women and gay rights in Ontario.

11:18 – Surprise … Wynne wearing red.

11:12 – Kathleen Wynne speech coming up.

11:08 – Polls got result very wrong, again.

11:00 – Horwath doesn’t resign but she made great mistake in defeating Lib budget.

10:59 – Horwath congratulates all candidates from all parties.

10:56 – Horwath wearing black. Appropriate.

10:54 – Horwath concession speech.

10:51 – Hudak thought Denley policy genius. Oh well.

10:47- Hudak has job crisis. Quits PC leadership.

10:44 – Hudak says he’s glad he had jobs plank. Voters saw through it. Austerity does not equal jobs.

10:42 – Hudak concession speech. Has big smile. That had to be tough.

10:25 – Kathleen Wynne is first Ontario female premier. Hear her roar.

10:11 – Chiarelli Crushes Denley in Ott West-Nepean. So much for Denley’s political career. No word on what he does next. Smart choice by voters. Bulldog endorsed Chiarelli but thought Denley would win. Half right, half wrong. Chiarelli ran hell of campaign. Cullen wasn’t a factor.

10:04 – Horwath made huge mistake in voting down Liberal budget. Despite Hudak’s horrible austerity moves, Horwath made the biggest error.

10:00 – CBC calls Grit Majority. Who knew? Not The Bulldog. Bulldog said Lib minority. Oh well.

9:57 – Libs holding a majority lead in province-wide seat count.

9:55 – Will Nep.-Carleton Lisa MacLeod run for Tory leadership? She could win.

9:52 – Tory vote down from last election. How can that possibly be after all the Grit missteps.

9:48 – Ontario rejects Hudak austerity and voodoo economics. Average Ontarian knows more about economics than PCs.

9:43 – Will Hudak resign tonight? If not tonight, it’s coming. No three strikes and you’re out for Tory leader. He’s gone.

9:38 – If seat-count holds, Grits have a majority.

9:32 – Chiarelli taking big lead in critical Ott West-Nepean. Smart choice by voters if this holds.

9:30 – Randy Hillier has big lead. So much for voter common sense.

9:27 – Libs are flirting with a majority early province-wide. Who woulda thunk?

9:25 – Tory Jack MacLaren is in a surprising scrap in Carleton-Mississippi Mills.

9:18 – Bob Chiarelli has slight lead over Randy Denley in Ott West-Nepean. NDP’s Alex Cullen is far, far behind. That means Cullen is not taking Chiarelli’s Liberal vote. Good news for the energy minister.

9:16 – Lisa MacLeod has big early lead as expected in Nepean-Carleton.

9:08 – Meilleur has big early lead in Ott-Vanier as expected.

9:05 – Results are so small it is difficult to see where this is going but Lib. Fraser just barely leading in Ott. South.

8:47 – Hudak wants to create a million jobs in Ontario. Will he keep his?

8:45 – Lousy weather and the World Cup game … can we set a record for low voter turnout?

8:35 – Wonder how many people chose to watch the World Cup rather than vote.

8:31 – Polls close at 9 p.m. You still have time to vote.

8:25 – Notice that Kathleen Wynne’s sexual orientation has not been an issue. Haven’t times changed. Now one wonders how long will it take for prominent Ottawa-area politicians to discuss and be proud of their gay sexual orientation? Still no sign of coming out of the closet.

5:05 – CTV News has Hudak saying that cutting taxes and chopping government jobs will stimulate job creation. Businesses create jobs because they need extra employees to make more money. Cutting corporate taxes just puts more money in the company bank account, that’s all.

3:50 – Tweeps Say Bulldog Wrong:


3:45 – Say Norm Sterling, then Jack MacLaren. The PCs have dominated Carleton-Mississippi Mills for decades. And they will again Thursday night. If the Tories lose this riding, they won’t win a seat at Queen’s Park.

3:35 – The Liberals are too strong in Ottawa-Orleans for the Tories to win. Plus Grit Marie-France Lalonde is French in a riding with a large francophone constituency. If Lalonde loses, the Liberals are in trouble across the province.

3:24 – Madeleine Meilleur is a woman, French, lawyer, nurse, holds down two cabinet portfolios and played NIMBY to the delight of locals on the Kettle Island bridge proposal. She’ll win in Ottawa-Vanier.

3:19 – It would take a miracle for PC Lisa MacLeod to lose in Nepean-Carleton. No miracle on the horizon. MacLeod to win.

3:13 – The only way incumbent Yasir Naqvi can lose in Ottawa Centre is if the NDP’s Jennifer McKenzie takes many votes from him. Then PC Rob Decker could come up through the middle for a victory. That’s not likely. Naqvi to win.

3:08 – Just too many Liberal and McGuintys for John Fraser to lose in Ottawa South.

3:00 – So let’s look at Ottawa West – Nepean. Logic dictates (and The Bulldog hopes he’s wrong) that with capable NDP candidate Alex Cullen in the race here, that his presence will cost incumbent Liberal Bob Chiarelli some substantial support. That said, Chiarelli, one of the most capable administrators in any level of government, has a wonderful team working for him. Unfortunately, Chiarelli is carrying some baggage from the previous McGuinty administration. The smart money would be on PC Randy Denley to win. Too bad. He’s probably the third-best choice.

2:47 p.m. – The website ThreeHundredeight.com has the Ontario election in seat count as Liberals 49, Progressive Conservatives 36, NDP 22. In popular vote, Liberals 36.9 per cent, Progressive Conservatives 35.8, NDP 22.2, Green 4.

9:05 – Next foolish out-on-a-limb prediction: Tory leader Tim Hudak will resign tonight. Hudak can’t carry on after second loss as leader. Remember where you heard this first.

9:04 – Fearless Bulldog prediction: Liberal minority government.

8:50 a.m. – Rain, rain, rain. Particularly heavy rain in the critical Toronto and Ottawa-area ridings. It has always been my belief that bad weather helps the NDP who, I thought at least, has the most devoted members.

However that’s not what Liberal pundit Warren Kinsella thinks. Bad weather is a Tory-helper, he says. Kinsella has seen not-a-few campaigns. Here’s Kinsella’s take.

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  1. Missed it by 10 minutes!

  2. I have been watching the local CBC and CTV news and I am quite shocked that there is literally nothing being said about the election, other than what the candidates were doing early this morning to begin their Election Day.

    Does no one have anything to say about who is, or who is not, showing up at the polls? Or, at best, is it possible to at least know which polls appear to be having a good turn-out? Has the rain dampened people’s resolve to make their personal mark on a ballot? I find it unsettling to be so uninformed about such a critical race.

    Thanks Ken.

  3. Hudak should have two speeches ready for this evening.

    The first will say something to the effect of him being humbled by the mandate given to him by the people of Ontario, and that he will work hard to show them that they made the right choice.

    The second will state that he has been humiliated (again) by not being able to gain sufficient trust from the people of Ontario to replace the incompetent Liberals, and thus will be resigning and looking for meaningful employment elsewhere.

    I place the odds at 60% on him giving the second speech around 11:00 p.m.

    • Ken Gray

      June 12, 2014 at 2:46 PM


      I’m not sure we’ll hear the first one.

      Thx for the comment.


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