Really? Watson Whopper Is Not A Whopper?

Omnipresent Bulldog commenter Chaz weighs in on the recent Whopper from the Citizen’s Mohammed Adam.

The Whopper?

“Watson has been a good, no-drama mayor who has kept the city afloat and is well-liked.”

Here’s Chaz on the Whopper:

It just goes ta show ya. Sayings such as  “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and “to each his own”, really are old sayings that apply to everything.

Now, let’s break this down a bit more.

Let’s look at the adjectives that were used.

Good is a wishy-washy term: Not great, excellent, stellar, wonderful, superior, outstanding, or even the best. He’s just good. I call my puppy a “good boy” when he doesn’t pee in the house.

No-drama is easily interpreted: One definition of drama is that it’s a state, situation or series of interesting events. There you have it. If drama is interesting, then no-drama must be uninteresting. No drama could be used to describe an episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show. The show was pure comedy. Hence, no drama.

Well-liked: This could mean crowd-pleasing or sought-after. I am sure that the dragon and spider robots were crowd-pleasing and I think, perhaps, the developers might seek him out for his sage advice.

He kept the city afloat: A life jacket will keep me afloat in the middle of the Atlantic but the cold water or sharks or starvation will still kill me.

Let me put this all together by rephrasing the quote.

Watson has been a well-behaved, uninteresting and comedic mayor who has kept the city treading water and is sought-after by crowds of people wanting some of those pleasing tea and cakes.

See, it was not a Whopper after all.

Strangely, your agent’s quote would be: Watson has been a controlling, fawning and administrative disaster of a mayor who has built a massive debt and allowed services to decay but does great personal PR.

To read the post to which we refer, click here.


Watson doing the PR while the administration of the city rots.


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One thought on “Really? Watson Whopper Is Not A Whopper?

  1. There you go Ken, you used fawning, disaster and decay but controlling too. Then you said does great .
    So, as one reads this one could walk away, with blinders on, thinking here is a great controller of STUFF; a ‘good boy’ and garsh darn it there’s PR to boot.


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