Residents Know What’s Best For Neighbourhoods

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6 Responses to Residents Know What’s Best For Neighbourhoods

  1. ice-man says:

    The illusionist does not make something actually appear out of, or disappear into, the vapour. He merely distracts you with a flash of light, a sparkle of tinsel, a cloud of steam while the object is physically moved. This is an apt metaphor for public consultations. The consultations are a distraction from what is actually occurring – governance by fiat. Governance by fiat is delivered by the arrogant few who “know” what is best for the “unwashed” public. They choose to disguise this arrogance with the illusion of consultation.

  2. Ken Gray says:


    That’s a good comeback Chris but you already know that it is not about right or wrong but inclusiveness. It’s not just about Lansdowne, but it is part of it.

    cheers and thx for the comment


  3. Chris B says:

    So when the Glebe said no to Lansdowne, were they right?

  4. Ken Gray says:


    No. The community is not a special interest group. They were the people democracy was constructed for.

    cheers and thx for the comment


  5. Danny Handelman says:

    So, the community is not a “special-interest” group? The politicians have likely done a cost-benefits analysis to determine that spot re-zoning to reduce housing and transportation costs will result in a higher probability of being re-elected than eliminating zoning or eliminating infill.

  6. James O'Grady says:

    If only!

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