Rick Mercer Goes To Algonquin


Comedian Rick Mercer visits Algonquin College to congratulate the educational institution for winning the Spread The Net Challenge … for the fourth year in a row.

OK we’re a little late on this, but the video evidence, in Mercer’s inimitable style, is below:


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One thought on “Rick Mercer Goes To Algonquin

  1. I’m never quite sure how to take comedy , singing and dancing when it involves a serious subject.
    Malaria is a global threat. The parasite can be spread from an infected person via a mosquito bite to another person. There are strains of malaria that are resistant to medication. A person that exhibits no signs can carry the parasite.

    Eradication of the mosquito is very difficult.

    Giving nets to villages should not be dependent upon volunteerism, it has to be done through a en masse global effort.Nets should already be in the hands of everyone that needs them, Distribution within in a month from start to finish, not over years and not dependent on volunteers.

    With world travellers comes increased possibility of spreading treatment resistant maladies such as malaria, ebola,TB. Just look towards Florida and the Zika virus.


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