Ridership Figures: Open The Books


Frequent Bulldog contributor Ron Benn takes on the issue of OC Transpo not releasing its first-quarter 2017 ridership figures.

The lack of open government on Laurier Avenue is becoming a very serious concern.

Companies whose shares are publicly traded are not permitted to make statements about their operating results without backing them up with numbers, tables or charts. This is a regulatory issue to ensure that the public is not being misled.

This failure to produce the numbers that support the public statements of OC Transpo is just another example of an ever-growing list of failures to observe good-governance standards by the City of Ottawa, and in particular by our elected officials. The words “open, transparent and accountable” mean something in the English language.

Mayor Jim Watson either has to live up to what he oft states in public or stop using those words. After all, there are truth in advertising laws in this country.


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3 thoughts on “Ridership Figures: Open The Books

  1. The bottom line here is that they need to realise that we, the public, will jump to the conclusion, if they won’t release the numbers, that they are very bad and that’s the reason for the secrecy. Whatever numbers they release down the road, which they eventually will have to do, will be suspect since one might reasonably wonder what massaging they’d been doing in the interim.
    Perhaps they have some good news story coming down the pike that they want to put out at the same time to distract from the bad news numbers. Look! Shiny! That would be consistent with the mayor’s MO, i.e. let’s give them cake – or sod.
    We know that ridership has been falling since at least 2011 – is this year-over-year drop a magnitude of greatness larger than previous years? At least we know that the projected ridership on the LRT is in no danger – because there are no such projections and, when you start at zero, every person who puts a foot in that train is an “additional rider”.

  2. Always knew that buses currently using the transitway would drop passengers at Tunney’s to transfer for the balance of the trip downtown. Seems other bus routes will be changed to force passengers to use LRT, i.e. bus 85, which currently runs from Bayshore to Hurdman (via Carling/Preston/Albert) will have passengers transfer to the LRT for the balance of their trip (believe at Bayview). In addition, a public forum co-organized last week by Councilors Nussbaum and Fleury re local bus service east of the Ottawa River indicated bus routes will be designed to bring people to LRT stations. It may seem counterintuitive, some may take a bus east to St. Laurent or south to Tremblay or Hurdman and catch a train. No doubt in my mind that ‘user figures’ will increase especially when we have zip for comparison.

  3. When figures are not supplied initially and then later Mr. Gray asked for the figures and was told that that wasn’t possible – – draw your conclusions. Something stinks.

    From here on in the new answer that will be coming from any government that wants to baffle with bull feathers will simply be – covfefe.



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