Road Tolls And Ottawa: Bulldog On 1310 News

news1310Ed Hand from 1310 News and Ken Gray from The Bulldog discuss almost everything on this podcast of the Ed Hand Show on Tuesday.

There’s Deputy Mayor Mark Taylor’s apology, road tolls, the Bruyere and assisted-dying, the proposed library, new ways of billing water and the location of the new Civic campus of The Ottawa Hospital.

How can you not listen to this? Everything’s on it.

The podcast is below:



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2 thoughts on “Road Tolls And Ottawa: Bulldog On 1310 News

  1. Wow, a lot of topics were covered. Let me comment on the Ottawa Public Library (OPL) board meeting.

    As Jon Willing (Ottawa Citizen: “Two central library plans in works in case Archives deal falls through”) reported, the OPL proved to be no closer to narrowing down their location or design for a new main branch OPL. All that was accomplished was the introduction of more methodology in decision-making: “Library chief executive Danielle McDonald said she hopes to establish by the end of the year whether the OPL will work with the archives on the project. In the meantime, staff and consultants will work on plans for both scenarios. …. The library will draw on the expertise of consultants to decide if or when the OPL should abandon the partnership with the archives.”

    As if that wasn’t discouraging enough, Willing further reported that: “OPL staff continue to work on the requirements for a new central library. McDonald said the OPL is ‘refining’ the initial estimate that a new municipal library would require 132,000 square feet of space.”

    What the heck? After countless studies and consultations, the OPL still does not know exactly what the requirements for their new library should be?

    This sound like Mayor Jim Watson’s philosophy of trying to get a project done on the cheap: a “Chevy” library, akin to his “Chevy” LRT system. This does not actually mean that the final cost will be inexpensive for the taxpayer, but the perception or image conveyed will be one of frugality. Already we can hear the “value engineering” creeping in.

    Therefore, I think the partnership exploration with the National Library/Archives is just for show. The city is not serious about spending the money necessary for that partnership to work. Instead, look for some P3 bid to come to the rescue, which will supposedly be economical and a “jewel of a design” (to use Watson’s lingo).

    In short, expect the OPL decision to drag on for ages, costing additional money to the 2016 library-planning budget of $3.9-million. And the final result being another dismal city failure.


    1. Sheridan:

      I keep wondering exactly what value engineering is. Shouldn’t all engineering be value engineering.

      On the LRT line where the city maintains it can tunnel at the same price as putting the line on the surface, I called this “voodoo economics”.

      Perhaps some padding on the surface design?




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