Roseann O’Reilly Will Be Missed At Carleton



What a shame.

Carleton University president Roseann O’Reilly is leaving the school after nine years.

How effective has O’Reilly been at Carleton? Well how many times did you here the derogatory term “Last Chance U” applied to Carleton nine years ago. Often.

When was the last time you heard it? Personally your agent can’t recall it for many years.

And who was at the helm during those years? Roseann O’Reilly. Good on her.

An institution as big and great as Carleton does not improve on the basis of one person but she typified what she thought the university should become. That is, better, but she was too politically aware to say such a thing. It is not in her nature.

But in editorial board meetings with her, it was hard not to be impressed with her sincerity and intellectual grasp. O’Reilly was a great smart ambassador for her school.

As well, she had the common touch. O’Reilly was an avid fan of the Carleton men’s basketball program which has won 13 of the last 15 national university championship with a program that rivals (and often exceeds) the quality of NCAA Division 1 teams. Who will forget the thorough basketball lesson the Ravens gave the Wisconsin Badgers at the Ravens Nest? Wisconsin went on that year to make the Final Four at March Madness. That’s how good the Carleton men’s program is and repeats that excellence time after time.

It’s an excellence that has propelled the image of the university.

And who would be in her regular seat at the Ravens Nest rooting on the men’s and women’s teams and mixing with the crowd? O’Reilly, one of the team’s biggest fans. Good on her.

Carleton will miss O’Reilly and those who must find a replacement for her have their work cut out.



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One thought on “Roseann O’Reilly Will Be Missed At Carleton

  1. While it’s a huge loss for Carleton, she’s moving on to the Canadian Foundation for Innovation where she’ll be able to have a larger impact.


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